The DOS and DONTS of Deciding On A Wedding Motif

Choosing a wedding motif is one of the very first things every couple should decide on as this can set the tone and ambience of your special day. Each color has its own individual meaning and symbolism and selecting the right ones can make the event extra memorable. Here are the DOS and DONTS on determining the wedding motif that suits best for you.

Talk with your fiancé/fiancée and pick two primary colors that you both agree on. Ensure that when put together, they should complement each other. Afterwards, work on the mood to define the exact hue and shade. What mood would you like to express – elegant, cheerful, or funky? Also consider the color significance and the season in which the wedding will be held.

Make sure that the wedding motif jives with the overall theme. A classic example: you settled for a Christmas wedding theme. However your color scheme mainly comprises of baby blue and baby pink. Blue Christmas signifies a sad Christmas. You wouldn’t want to convey a confusing atmosphere, would you?

Weigh the budget. Remember, the secret to a successful wedding motif is the combination of colors and how it would affect the overall feel of the wedding. Do your research and consult different resources for wedding motif ideas.

Make a decision in a hurry. You need to allot enough time so you can think thoroughly all wedding aspects – from the invitation, flowers, entourage to reception and catering details.

Require the guests to wear the color of your motif. Anything that would give inconvenience to your attendees is a bad idea. You can suggest complementary colors or different shades. However, be crystal clear that this is just a suggestion and definitely not a requirement. On the other hand, you can request the people directly involved in the wedding to follow your scheme – people like your program host or catering persons who will serve the menu.

Overdo it. Keep in mind that simplicity is the key. Do not exaggerate. For instance, when you put decorations on the reception area, you can apply the motif on the table cover, chair and perhaps the flower vase. You need not include color-inspired plates, glasses, spoons and forks as well.