The Ease of a Self Watering Container Garden

Gardening can be work, but the ease of a self watering container garden will quickly make you think that gardening can be a whole lot easier. Container gardens have been popular for a long time but their biggest downside was the fact that the soil dries out very quickly. That is no longer a problem when you add a self watering plant pot to your container garden.

Why Container Gardening?

The best reason to include container gardening into your plans is that you have total control of the environment. Unlike in-ground gardens, container gardens are made from the soil and amendments that you added. They get the water that you want them to get, and you can move them around during different seasons to provide just the right amount of sun and protection from wind or an anticipated storm.

Container gardening is also the only choice some people can make, such as renters or those who live in a high rise or apartment. Rest assured that you can achieve a beautiful harvest from a series of container gardens.

Why Self Watering Containers?

The reason that you want to consider self watering containers for your garden is that containers go through water more quickly than in-ground plants. This is true because excess water drains out the bottom quickly and the sun hits the sides of a container, warming the soil more quickly. As a result, plants drink water fast and it needs to be replenished to avoid overheating the roots.

One of the reasons that gardening in pots is so much work is that you need to water every day – perhaps even twice. That problem goes away with the automatic watering system that a self watering plant pot provides.

What Does Self Watering Mean?

A self watering pot is simply one with a water reservoir that holds water. Unlike a normal pot that lets water quickly escape through the bottom, these pots will hold a gallon or more of water in the bottom just below the soil surface. Then, they allow the water to slowly wick up over the course of days instead of hours to quench the thirst of your garden plants.

Because there is a separation from the reservoir and the plant’s roots your plants won’t drown, but the water will give them plenty to drink as they need it. A typical self watering pot will water a plant for at least a few days. That means instead of once per day watering you can actually go away over the weekend and find your plants happy when you return.

Pot Styles

Whether you want to grow a little lettuce garden, a pepper, or get a full-sized self watering tomato planter, there is a pot style to suit you. You can even find a self watering planter box or self watering hanging basket so that your hanging flowers are always at their best.

For a true vegetable garden, go big. Choose at least a 20 inch pot for peppers and tomatoes and even bigger for full-sized tomatoes. These larger pots have larger reservoirs so they will take care of your tomato, and even watering is a key to getting beautiful tomatoes without cracks.

Start Your Container Garden

If you have not raised garden plants in containers because of the demanding water schedule, now you have another options. The ease of a self watering container garden makes this a very simple way to garden.