The Education Needed For These Top 12 Health Care Positions

Please enjoy this compiled list of the Top Health Care Positions in the United States. For your convenience, I’ve also included the potential yearly and hourly earning for each position. These positions are in such great demand because of the increase of adults and children becoming ill, and the decrease of people wanting to go into health care.

A lot of times when someone mentions health care, you automatically imagine becoming a doctor, nurse or an aide, but the medical field covers more than that, which is good for those who would love to be in health care without dealing with seven years of schooling and the sight of blood.

A lot of these positions are offered online by accredited programs, so be sure to check this out. It would make it much easier to finish the program if you can work at your own pace. Something to remember however, is that being certified online does not give you the hands on experience you will gain by going to an off line school.

Health Care CareerMedical Scientist – $76,980 per year or $37.01 per hour
This is an exciting field for those of you who love helping people while doing research. It involves solving health problems by coming up with information that can be used for either medicine or a working vaccine. You may also find positions doing technical writing, patent examinations, clinical investigations and drug application reviews. The minimum you will need is a doctorate degree in one of the biological sciences. If you’re interested in doing invasive procedures on patients, you will need about 7 years of graduate work at a medical school.

Pharmacists – $116,670 per year or $56.09 per hour
You will have to interact with health care practitioners by informing them of the interactions, the selection, the dosage and the side effects of certain medicines. You will also have to interact with customers by filling their prescriptions and giving advice on the best way to take their medicine, what it will interact with, and the side effects. You need a degree that came from a college of pharmacy, one that is accredited, and you have to pass your state-required licensing exam to get your license.

Physician Assistant – $90,930 per year or $43.72 per hour
It’s obvious that you will be working under a physician, doing the tasks he delegates. They could be preventive and therapeutic health care services or diagnostics. These positions require two years of a full-time accredited educational program, the getting a license by taking a national exam.

Medical and Health Service Managers – $88,580 per year or $42.59 per hour
This position requires you to be able to direct, plan, supervise and coordinate the delivery of health care. If all you’re looking for is entry level work, then a BA degree in health services, health science, long term care or administration is all you need. However, if you get a MA degree in one of these, you will get more money.

Physical Therapists – $79,860 per year or $38.39 per hour
You interact with patients that need to improve their mobility, relieve pain and restore function to areas of the body that were affected from physical ailments or injuries. You need a MA or PHD from a physical therapist educational program that is accredited. You will also have pass a state-required exam to get you license.

Social Workers – $44,200 per year or $21.25 per hour
If you’re good at working with people or families to help them solve domestic issues, life-threatening illnesses, social problems and relationships, then this is for you. Even though a BA would be sufficient for entry level. It is now being said that having a MA is better and needed, if you want to do clinical work or work in health settings.

Mental Health Counselor – $67,020 per year or $32.22 per hourHealth Care Career Directory
You get to work with groups, families or individuals that have emotional or mental disorders, and by using a wide selection of therapeutic techniques, help them gain optimum mental health. You need a MA degree if you want to be a licensed counselor, and it may also mean doing 48 to 60 hours of graduate study.

Medical Records Technician – $34,160 per year or $16.42 per hour
This is maintaining and evaluating medical records, x-ray reports, lab tests, exams, and past diagnoses, to make sure they are accurate. This only requires an AA degree from a junior or community college, and coursework in medicine and science.

Clinical Laboratory Technicians – $47,820 per year or $22.99 per hour
You would have to perform the tests that are used in the diagnosis, treatment and detection of an illness. You have to analyze any results before giving the information to the physicians. A BA degree in one of the life sciences or medical technology is good for entry level positions, but you may also be able to use a combination of your experience, education and specialized training.

Medical Transcriber – $34,020 per year or $16.36 per hour
You use dictated recordings that were made by the health care professionals, and transcribe this information into medical reports, administrative material or correspondence that will go into a patient’s permanent medical file. You can get post secondary training in medical transcription in the form of an AA degree from a 2 year college, or a 1 year certificate program from a vocational school or a distance-learning program.

Phlebotomist Technician – $30,150 per year or $14.50 per hour
The responsibilities of a phlebotomist is to not only collect the blood, but they have also test it, analyze it, label, store and keep track of it. This generally a stepping stone position to becoming an RN or CNA. Becoming certified is all it takes for this position, but the more knowledge and experience you have, the more money you will make. Find an accredited program and be sure to check with your state to determine what other requirements for certification are needed.

Assistant Pharmacists – $28,400 per year or $12.00 per hour
This position involves dealing with customers, organizing medications, overseeing the daily pharmacy business, and possibly measuring the medication and verifying the prescriptions. You don’t necessarily need to be certified. Most states only require a high school diploma, but being certified means more experience and more money. The certification program consists of mathematics, computer applications, anatomy, physiology and the principles and ethics of the pharmaceutical field. You also get to participate in the hands on training.

This completes the ‘Top Health Care Positions,’ and I want to remind you that the salaries listed above is the median pay that was stated for 2012 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The income would also depend on where you live, and the demand for these positions, it could be higher or lower.