The Effects Of One Time International Cell Phone Use

One Time International Cell Phone Use

One time international cell phone use is very popular for individuals who travel abroad. As the phrase implies, this type of cell phones are produced to allow foreigners to use cell phone services without experiencing the trouble of applying for a post-paid account. When it comes to international cell phone services, there are various options you can opt for. Nonetheless, they all involve expensive rates. The least expensive of them all is the option of buying disposable phones and pre-paid SIM cards. This is your best option especially when you need cell phone coverage and usage regularly.

Positive effects of using disposable phones

One advantage of opting for this international cell phone service is the affordability it presents. Compared to its counterparts such as international roaming services and cell phone rental services, purchasing a disposable phone is more price friendly. With this option, you are charged with the country’s local service rate. This is very beneficial especially when you are travelling at a country that has a low cost of living. You might even get more than what you’re expecting.

Another positive effect is its value. Unlike your typical cell phones that contain important details, disposable cell phones are cheap and meant for single use abroad. Losing it along the trip would not cause foremost disappointments and problems. Since, you’ll probably just store it for your next out of the country trip or dispose of it once you return home to you country.

Negative effects of using disposable phones

The problem with one time international cell phone use is the increase in waste production. This is very controversial when it comes to environmental issues. Since, these cell phones are disposed after usage, recycling is not applied. Aside from that, technological products are known to contain hazardous materials which results to the rise of health related controversies especially in countries used as dumped sites. Nonetheless, it is a mere fact that with progress and technology at its peak, the environment will always be affected no matter what product that comes and goes.


The use of disposable mobile phone is inevitable especially when you’re opting to save. When it comes to environmental issues, you can help protect the environment by means of re-using your disposable cell phones. If you are not a frequent traveler, you can still store it for future trip. Keep in mind that cell phones may depreciate fast but its functionality never fails.

Other options you can take are cell phone rental service and applying for an international roaming service at you network provider. Roaming services is convenient if it is only used for emergency situations. This can even be free if no calls or text message is made during your trip. Cell phone rental services can also be use to minimize waste production. The downside of using this service is it is highly expensive. So, if you will not need 24/7 cell phone services, you might as well opt for the international roaming services. However, if you are travelling overseas for a business trip it would be best to obtain one time international cell phone use to optimize your budget.