The Emerson GM527 DVD-CDG Karaoke Machine

Singing karaoke makes you feel like a star as you put your own personal twist on your favorite song. No two sessions are ever alike and sometimes the unpredictability is the most enjoyable part. You can do it in a bar, or save a lot of money by investing in a good machine that you use over and over again. The good news is karaoke systems have grown to the point where all tastes and backgrounds are accommodated. It’s not necessary to have a lot of money or to have the voice of an angel to find a basic machine that’s you will fall in love with. The Emerson GM527 DVD-CDG is a perfect example of a solid machine that will thrill music fans all over. This is a great machine for beginners that will give you solid features and functions necessary to enhance your home entertainment room. This isn’t an expensive machine but it will keep you happy, and it will allow you to enjoy it either on your own or in a great big party. Setup is absolutely simple and you don’t have to spend a lot of time reading through a thick instruction book to get into the action right away.

It’s more important than ever to have pieces of equipment that blend with your overall home entertainment set up. This machine looks great and adds to the decor of any modern room. It doesn’t have a flimsy build or an outrageous design that is often seen with low-end home machines. Anyone who notices will be sure ask about this karaoke machine, and that is when you can take a chance to turn it on to show off its features. You get full sound and the ability to single wide selection of great songs made available through karaoke CDs and compilations. You will find yourself looking to expand your collection of songs through great compilations that feature hits from earlier eras. This machine is affordable enough that you should have money left over to invest in compilation CDs to get you started.

You’ll notice that the sound is great and you really get a nice blend of your vocals and background music. The speakers are strategically placed to enhance sound performance to maximum levels and you’ll enjoy being able to blend your singing and backing track together automatically. Kids will have a lot of fun playing with this machine that is lightweight enough to take along for a slumber party. Adults will have a lot of fun too and you can even buy a set of wireless headphones for private singing sessions while everyone else is fast asleep. In conclusion, this is a great purchase that will fully demonstrate why karaoke is more popular than ever. The features will keep you busy for quite some time and there won’t be a need to upgrade for a while. This is an example of why karaoke machines should be in how easily accessible it is and the amount of fun it offers.