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The Employer’s Perspective – Why Career Training is Your Best Bet

In an interesting post I read recently about the advantages of having hands-on experience when looking for a job, the author explained how recruiters routinely look to fill positions with candidates who have relevant work experience.

What the author said is nothing new. “Must demonstrate prior experience in handling…” is a requirement that pops out of most job openings. Employers these days are not interested in providing what is known as “on-the-job training” to new hires. They want to hire people who are already trained and experienced and can start contributing immediately to the business.

In fact, a 2011 study conducted by Accenture revealed that 55 percent of US workers felt pressured to develop additional skills to succeed in their current or future jobs, but only 21 percent said they received any formal training from their employer in the last five years.

Does that mean there’s no place for fresh-out-of-school graduates in today’s job market? Not necessarily. This Forbes article that appeared in 2014 predicted that the hiring for new graduates would jump 15 percent in 2015. So, there’s no reason to hit the panic button just yet.

Training is pivotal

If youare hitting the job market anytime soon and want to improve your chances of getting hired, there is one thing you could do. You could enroll for a career training program that trains you for a specific profession. Instead of going after broad and generic skills, focus on acquiring technical skills that will allow you to jump right into a job.

Many employers also feel that hands-on training is your best bet when you put yourself up for hiring in the job market. But where do fresh college graduates get this experience from? The answer is through internships.

According to the article 7 Things Employers Want from New Grads, published in U.S. News & World Report, employers give a whole lot of value to internship experience.

A survey conducted by internship.com revealed that 93 percent of employers indicated that the most important qualification they look for in a candidate is relevant internship or experience. In fact, employers rated relevant experience even higher than a degree from an elite school.

Most employers prefer at least one internship or other work-related experience in their new entry-level hires. The experience most likely to win favor with employers is in an industry or job function related to the field they are hiring in.

As most career training programs include an externship or practicum component designed to provide hands-on experience to students and prepare them for the real world, those graduating out of these courses do have brighter prospects when it comes to finding a job.

Whether you gain real-life work experience as part of your course or on your own initiative, you can rest assured that employers will rate it high when considering your candidacy for a job.

To conclude, here’s what Stan Knapik – V.P. Manufacturing, American Modular Corporation – had to say about the graduates he hired from Porter and Chester, “They come to us with the electrical skills and practical experience needed to successfully wire modular classrooms and offices.” In a nutshell, he’s echoing the expectation that most employers hire new candidates with and that is why a career training program is your best bet in the near future!


Employers are increasingly seeking candidates who have relevant experience for a job. Does this mean there’s no place for fresh college grads in today’s job market anymore? Not really. What this means is they need to focus on getting trained for specific careers and gain relevant experience through internships. Read this post to find out more.

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