The End of Article Directories in 2013

When I look at “new age”, Web 2.0, User Generated content creation sites like Squidoo, HubPages, Wizzley, InfoBarrel and last but not the least Seekyt – where you are reading this article, I regret and rue the enormous amount of time and effort I simply WASTED writing articles on article directory sites like EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticlesBase and so on.

Agreed that in most cases, I wrote articles for “others” wherein I was simply paid to write and get the article published, with the back links in question not being mine, but I have to admit that in the process of doing so, I did end up being tempted to write and publish self serving articles of my own.

Further, it is also true that in the “early days”, a lot of the contemporary content creation sites like Wizzley, Seekyt or InfoBarrel were themselves not around, which meant that article directories were pretty much the norm, so I would simply “go with the flow”.

Today, I can say with certainty that I have learned my lesson and would certainly steer clear of article directories, while encouraging you to do so as well.

If I take the case of a site called EzineArticles in particular, which simply got hammered by Google’s Panda update, I truly believe that it has nearly lost out its relevance completely, now in 2013 and beyond. With this thought in mind, I created an EzineArticles review for 2013 and beyond, which you can see below:

My primary contention is that here is a site which offers nothing more than a back link (or two) without any revenue sharing arrangement, and on top of that, has been frowned upon by Google with regard to quality of content as well as relevance of keywords and back links.

In contrast, sites like Squidoo, Seekyt, InfoBarrel among others have a watertight revenue sharing arrangement in place.

Further, they offer a very content rich and visually appealing interface which entices readers to actually ENGAGE with the content they come across on these sites.

So altogether, when it comes to the value add that latter sites have on offer, it is clearly head and shoulders above what article directories like the ones I mentioned earlier in this article, can aspire to come anywhere close to.

With that spirit in mind, I would definitely encourage you to think and look WAY BEYOND article directories in 2013…yes, article directories will continue to sputter for some more time, but ultimately, content creators, marketers, online merchants, among others, will all realize the power that sites like Squidoo or Seekyt have to offer.

So this article in many ways adopts a clairvoyant approach towards content creation and SEO in the future, allowing you to fine tune your marketing, promotional and content creation efforts along just the right channels, well in advance BEFORE you make the mistakes I did.