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The Essentials of a Good Relationship with anyone

What on the earth is binding you with one another? Here the binding force is what we call a relationship. Everyone directly or indirectly bind in a relationship whether it is blood relation, friendship or any other relationship. One of the important factors needed most in every relationship is time and trust. There is no rocket science behind any good relationship. Here relationship is not only applicable to romantic relationships, but it also includes friendship and business relations. To be in good relationship, it needs efforts from both sides. A good relationship cannot come overnight, but it requires lots of patience and time. Another secret of a happy relationship is a positive attitude towards each other.

Common elements for a healthy relationship:


Honesty is the best policy saying is very old, but it is 100% right. Honesty is what we need to have in every relationship. It is the keystone for long term relations of any relationship whether it is a relationship of friendship or life partner or any other relations. If you are caught lying once, then it becomes very difficult to get their trust back and there are many chances that it brings a relationship to an end. Trust is the foremost layer of any relationship, so think twice before lying as it may have a devastating effect on a relationship.


Communication is one of the most important factors for any healthy relationship. Before the dust settle in your relationship, there is a need to clean it with the help of communication tool. Communication is the only way through with you can solve the issues, express your feelings and it is the best way to lay off the clouds of misunderstanding. No relationship can survive for a long time without effective communication. For a healthy relationship, never assume that your other partner knows you well and can easily read your mind. The communication should be effective communication as the receiver should be able to understand in right way in which you want to communicate with him.

Listening power:

For being a good speaker, first of all you must be a good listener. You need to give a chance to your partner to speak about their opinion and preferences. In order to be a good listener, sometimes it is important to put your ego aside. You must make the other partner feel that you understand them. If you will calmly listen to his views, then he might feel that you are respecting his views. It might be possible that after listening to his advices, you may come with some of the really good ideas and can help him in making it practical enough to make it real.

Support system for each other:

In order to enjoy a healthy relationship, it is necessary that both partners prove a support system for each other. Whether it is emotional support or esteem support or any other kind of support, it is very helpful in reducing the stress in one partner and it makes the relationship much better. When there is a supportive relationship, then the two people can honor and respect each other.


Every special relationship needs time and care, whether it is relationship of couple or relations between an employee and employer. In today’s world where life is running at a high speed, it is very difficult to spend time with each other but this is an important requirement in one’s life. If you really think that you don’t have time, then here time management and organization techniques may help you to spare some special time for your partner or for any other relation.

Learn to compromise:

In a relationship, there might be many differences between two partners and it is very natural that to keep the relationship healthy one has to make compromises. Relationship doesn’t mean taking everything from it and giving nothing in return. A healthy relationship helps you to learn the art of compromising. But before making any compromises, one should remember that it should not be a wrong compromise and while making any compromises, you should not loose your self respect. You don’t have any right in asking for any compromise, if you are yourself not ready to make any compromise.

Learn to admit your mistakes:

Some wise man has told, “Practice makes the man perfect” and in the same way your mistakes also helps you to be nearer to perfection only if you are willing to learn from your mistakes. You must have the courage to admit your mistake and should learn every lesson from each mistake that you and your partner have committed. Both partners must have the courage to admit it and should work on it. Before getting angry, you must think once that no one is perfect here. The above stated ideas will definitely help you in understanding your relation in much better way.


Transparency and privacy are two different words and should be kept aside. Those who have transparency and openness in any relationship, then their lifespan of that relationship is also long and healthy. Remember one thing that words matter a lot and it provides the chances to make relationship better. Transparency helps you to increase the level of trust on one another.

Control your anger:

Anger is one of the greatest enemies of the man. It is the anger only which can set all the relationships on fire if you don’t have control on it. Anger makes you more stressful and this brings more sourness in any relationship. And there is no such formula which can help you to control your anger. You have to work on it yourself.

Separate identities:

In the above point, it is stated to make compromises but compromises does not mean loosing your own identity. Your partner will be more attracted towards you, if you are able to keep your unique identity without loosing its shine. Creating your own unique identity will help you to get more respect from your partner. Instead of looking at the negative side of a person, try to boost him with positive power, this will help you to develop a healthy relationship.

Let go:

Sometimes in some relationship, it is necessary that you ignore some of the mistakes of his in order to keep relationship healthy. Instead of involving in verbal fight, try to solve the problems by making him sit calmly and making him realize his mistakes.

Mutual respect:

One of the most important elements in a healthy relationship is the mutual respect for each other. You should be positive enough to respect each other in field of your respective work, hobbies or any special ability. Respect in a relationship means that you should be able to value each other’s work.

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