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The EU Rules For Delayed Flight Compensation!

The EU is progressive in its regulations and law making towards delayed flight compensation. Depending on the factors involved, for example, if a flight takes off in the EU and is delayed for more than three hours, passengers are entitled to compensation.

There exist regulations and laws for compensation as well as laws citing circumstances overruling the compensation. As a passenger you have a right to know when you are eligible for flight delay compensation. The following will help you understand just that:

Rights of the passenger

You may not be charged higher prices because of your nationality or the mode through which you are buying the ticket. You can also make a claim for flight delay compensation when the flight is delayed or cancelled or overbooked which prevents you from boarding the flight. This applies if you are departing from an airport in the EU or arriving in the EU with an EU airline. The rule also applies to airlines including airlines from Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.

If your flight gets cancelled or overbooked, you are entitled to be transported to your final destination using means of equal monetary amounts. You are also eligible to having your ticket refunded and being returned free of cost to your original departure location.

You have the right to claim a refund if your flight is delayed by five hours or more. Upon claiming a refund, the airline is not obliged to offer you further travel or assistance of any sorts.

Your airline has to let you know about your rights and why exactly you are being denied boarding or cancellations of any kind or delays (exceeding two hours, although this could reach four hours if the distance travelled exceeds 3500 km).

You are also entitled to refreshments, meals or communication in the form of a free phone calls and if required, overnight lodging, which depends on the flight distance as well as how long the delay is for.

If your flight is cancelled or arrives more than three hours late or you are denied boarding, you are entitled to monetary compensation in the range of 250 Euros to 600 Euros, depending on the flight’s distance:

Within the EU

• 1,500 km or less – 250 Euros
• Over 1500 km – 400 Euros

Between EU airport and non-EU airport

• 1,500 km or less – 250 Euros
• 1,500 to 3,500 km – 400 Euros
• Over 3500 km – 600 Euros

Cancelled flights will not provide you compensation

• If the cancellation was due to circumstances out of the airline’s control, such as bad weather
• You had been told two weeks before the flight date scheduled or,
• You had been offered an alternative for the same route and a similar schedule as the original one.

Steps to get a flight delay refund or compensation

All you have to do is fill out an air passenger rights EU complaint form and submit it to your airline while retaining a copy for your reference. If this fails to work or you aren’t satisfied with the airline’s reply, you can register a complaint with the national enforcement body in the EU country where the incident occurred.

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