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The EzineArticles Writing Experience

My EzineArticles writing experience was a good one. EzineArticles is great for building backlinks to your articles. When your articles get posted on EzineArticles, publishers looking for content for their sites get your articles to publish on their sites. Unfortunately, EzineArticles doesn’t pay for content. But when your articles and their backlinks to your paid sites get published on other sites they provide backlinks to those articles. This increases your exposure and hopefully boosts your articles position in the search engines.

The EzineArticles website has plenty of author tools that are self-explanatory for novices and experts alike. However, if you need more help there are a number of links to information on various topics. The Frequently Asked Questions are also a good source of help. This site has been around for a while and they know what content providers need to get their content online. You can find the author tools in the “Authors Area.”

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The Authors Area on EzineArticles has a header with pull-down menus labeled Article, Account, and Profile Manager. There are also a couple of menus on the header labeled, Author Resources and Social Media. The Authors Area page also shows your Live Articles and Account Statistics. The Live Articles table shows the status of submitted articles on a bar graph, along with options to edit, view or delete articles. I really like the Account Statistics data because it shows you how many times your articles have been viewed and republished by other publishers. Another really good thing about the Account Statistics data is that it shows you how many Url Clicks there are to your articles on your paid websites. This happens when someone clicks on your link in one of your republished articles.This is one of the better points of the EzineArticles writing experience

The Article Submission page is easy to understand and use. The one thing that seems odd to me is that the editor is on the left side of the page. I always write articles in Word and copy and paste to editors so it’s not that big a deal. Submitting an article is an interesting process on EzineArticles. You have to have ten articles pass an editorial review before you can upgrade from Basic author level to the Basic PLUS, qualifying you to make 10 more submissions or Platinum Level which qualifies you for unlimited submissions. There is also a Diamond Level that only a small percentage of writers achieve. Diamond Level Authors are the best of the best. The Author Levels are based on the number and quality of articles as determined by the Ezine editorial team.

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Submitting an article is a simple process that has the advantage of an Html and WYSIWYG editor. Articles have to have a minimum of 400 words. The one negative I have with the submission process is that it usually takes a minimum of twenty-four hours to get an article approved for Basic Level Authors. Platinum Level Authors can get original submissions approved in as little as six hours according to Ezine. Articles go into a “Pending” status until they’re approved and go live. If there’s a problem with an article, you get a chance to make corrections and resubmit. Be sure to read the Terms of Service and the Editorial Guidelines before you publish an article. I don’t know how, or if Panda affected EzineArticles but I suspect writing there is still well worth your time.

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