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The Family Survival Guide to Live In Care


The decision to choose live in care for an elderly relative can be a tough one, but if the family works together it can be a positive experience for both you and your relative. Live in care is an excellent option for helping your relative maintain independence while giving you peace of mind that they are being taken care of. For anyone considering live in care, take a look at these pointers.

What is Live in Care?

Live in care means a personal carer living in your relative’s home so they can take care of their everyday needs. Live in carers are on hand to give support and help whenever the person needs it (although a carer will be entitled to breaks and rest). Live in care agencies supply carers to families or you can hire a carer privately. Some carers live permanently in the person’s house, while others will stay one week in the house and have one week off, for example.

Benefits and Advantages of Live In Care

Many elderly people do not like the idea of having to move from their home into a care home or assisted living facility. Live in care allows them the chance to continue living in familiar surroundings with all their possessions and pets, while being taken care of. Many elderly people see it as a good option for being able to live independently while not being a burden on their families. For the family, it provides peace of mind and enables everyone to have a better quality of life.

When is Live In Care Suitable?

A live in care solution from an agency like www.coriniumcare.com can be the solution if your relative needs help with personal care – dressing, washing, etc. – taking medication, shopping, housework, cooking, and caring for a pet. A live in carer can also help a person maintain a social life, and continue with hobbies and pastimes that they find enjoyable. A live in care situation is also suitable for someone with more advanced healthcare needs like dementia. In the case of Alzheimer’s, for example, it can be very traumatic for a person to move into a new situation when they do not fully understand what is happening. It is important to maintain consistent routines and familiar surroundings in these cases. Live in care may be suitable for someone needing short term care following an accident, surgery, or illness.

How to Set Up Live In Care

You can employ a carer privately, and many people find a carer through a direct advertisement. Or you can go through an agency that will introduce you to different people who may fit your needs and you can choose the individual that is the best fit for you and your family. An agency may also manage the carer service and find replacements for when the carer is sick or on holiday. It is particularly important that things like this are organised when relatives live far away from the elderly clients.

The Family Survival Guide to Live In Care
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