The First Smartphone For Blind Is Aiming At Transforming Lives

With the advent of smartphones and tablets the visually impaired are enjoying greater freedom today. The phones are equipped with advanced apps and features which make life easier and more manageable for the blind population. The new smartphones which are being launched for the visually challenged have improved interfaces. These devices built with advanced technology help the disabled to act independently. Crossing streets, sending messages, identifying objects and paying restaurants bills have become easier for the blind. Screen readers, voice commands and text recognition technology are some features which help the visually challenged to interact with the competent and powerful devices.

Making life easier

Research shows that visually impaired individuals have a stronger capability to rely on other senses such as audio and touch sensors. When using the conventional smartphones blind users face some challenges which include interface, screen touch, navigation and text entry. Efforts are being taken to create non-visual mobile interfaces which make lives of the visually impaired easier. Braille equipped smartphones are making the life of the blind users easy. They find it challenging to handle touch screens as there is no tactile difference between the buttons and the surrounding buttons. New techniques are being used on smartphones which allows the users to inspect trough the screen and listen to the description. The Touch n Talk technology helps the users to add text by using speech.

Offering greater independence

When discussing about mobile technology for the blind one smartphone which needs mention is Georgie. It has been introduced to transform lives and make a difference. This phone is equipped with apps which help users to navigate through daily tasks such as comprehending written text, determining whereabouts and catching bus. Shooting images with a camera and reading the text messages have become much easier. This phone makes use of the Android operating system and has been smartly built.

A user-friendly device

The large buttons in the phone are placed in an uncluttered screen. Whenever a person touches the screen, he receives voice feedback at once. This innovative technology has made it easier for visually challenged users to make use of smartphones. Even if you are not familiar with modern technology using the phone will not be a challenging task for you. This smartphone offers great digital experience to phone users with no sight. You can easily dial a number with the help of touch screens which are voice assisted. Managing contacts and sending text messages is no longer impossible for the visually challenged.

Interesting apps which you can purchase

By shelling out some money, you can purchase additional apps which can be used with Georgie. Be it for travel, communication or for an improved lifestyle you will easily find apps which cater to your requirement. Some apps will help you to locate places of interest which are near you. You can locate zoos, cafes and bus stops easily. With the help of the apps, you can find out when the next bus is arriving and find out the correct time at which you have to get off a bus. This is how travel is made easier. Developers are thinking about introducing games for the blind on smartphones.

Handling tasks is simpler

Georgie has been designed to transform the life of individuals living with sight loss. The smartphone has been developed by a non-social enterprise Screenreader. Getting forecasts to any area, listening to audio books and identifying colors of objects have become easier. You can easily take photographs of objects and will be told what it is. Sending and receiving tweets, and recording blogs are no longer difficult. These recent developments have made these devices a game-changer.

Author Bio: Fred Rogers is a game developer who feels that developing games for blind is a challenging task. He has used his skills and knowledge to come up with games which are engaging.