The Florida Lottery, the most attractive lottery in the United States, started its journey in the year 1988. Since it’s inception, it has created various games for players including traditional and scratch games. There are a wide range of games and prices to choose from for participants.

How To Win the Lottery in Florida – Click here

Like all other lotteries, there is a legal age limit of 18 for buying tickets in this Government run organization. The Florida Lottery provides a percentage of their proceeds to the development of schools. In the year 2008-2009 they contributed 5% of the money for the education budget. The “Bright Future” scholarship program for deserving students was organized by the Florida Lottery to enhance the quality of educational in Florida.

Florida offers significant changes to their lottery and prize systems every now and then. It currently offers online gaming options. It has instant games as well. The most popular of Florida Lottery games are – Cash 3 which is drawn every day. Another daily draw is Play 4. Both of these games offer different gaming options while playing. Fantasy 5 is another game organized by Florida Lottery which is drawn every day and can be played online.

The “Florida Lotto” and the “Mega Money Online” games are both played twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays and on Wednesdays and Saturdays respectfully. The “Power Ball”, a multi-lottery game, is Florida’s most exclusive game in the market. Florida is the power house of the Power Ball game. Lucky lines are the instant games, which can be played both online and in lottery shops.

The Florida Lottery offers the highest prize money of all other online or, paper draw games available. The largest shared jackpot win registered in Florida Lotto history is $106.5 million US and the largest win by an individual is $81.6 million US. The largest unclaimed prize to date in Florida Lottery history is $53.7 million US.

An exclusive Florida Lottery venture is “Win for Life” where a person can win prize amounts for his or, her entire life. The cost of all tickets in the Florida Lottery are significantly low, ranging between $1 to $5 US. Florida even offers mobile gambling games too. The everyday changes in the Florida Lottery offerings and gaming procedures are making it more and more attractive for players. Florida Lottery, unlike many other lotteries offers cash options to the winners. It is no doubt beneficial, as it helps to save a lump sum of taxes. So, as a legal and Government authorized corporation, the Florida Lottery is getting more popular every day and is becoming more attractive in many countries outside of America.

How To Win the Lottery in Florida – Click here

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