The Followers of Esther, Jerry Hicks and Abraham, Then and Now

Esther and Jerry Hicks and The Followers of Abraham Hicks

Several years ago, after getting excited about The Secret, Rhonda Byrne’s movie inspired by Esther and Jerry Hicks, I began participating in a forum based on what was then called ‘the teachings of Abraham.’

Googling first took me to the Abraham-Hicks website, a space packed to capacity with information, much of it then free.(The website is now choked with promotions, and next to nothing is free. If you’d like to read a simple quote, they will charge you for a transcript.)

Then, I found The Abe Forum and connected with a lot of new friends from around the world. The forum was comfortably small and pleasant for discussing and reading.

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Esther, Jerry Hicks and Abraham Followers

I wasn’t alone as a newcomer. The group grew very quickly, and soon, congratulations were being passed around as the one-thousand member count was passed.

The group was gentle, optimistic and kind, but its rules were fairly strict as far as acceptable content. One of its moderators, Jody Barron, seemed always on hand to step in and let you know if you had drifter ‘off topic,’ usually with gentle coaxing.

(David Gordon, who now runs the show and has been compensated by Esther and Jerry Hicks for his policing, blocks any negative comments or threads, but takes time to shill for Abraham-Hicks products, while making comical claims about independence.)

In the early days, members with knotty issues or struggling were embraced and guided, assured that help would always be there. While there were discussions, sometimes even a little heated, with disagreements being hashed out, the moderators kept a firm cap on them, crisply cutting them off when they meandered too far afield or became repetitively argumentative.

There were two problems with the Abe Forum that seemed to turn people off.

Rules we all agreed to that kept the Forum clean and the subjects rigorously on topic began to seem more restrictive than necessary for the more freewheeling among us, although none of us knew that Esther and Jerry Hicks were calling the shots behind the scene and David Gordon was nothing more than a factotum.

What took me permanently away from the Forum, however, was its burgeoning size. So many helpful hands jumped into every discussion, being a meaningful part of them became increasingly rare. The Forum had enough smart and generous hands without me. I no longer had anything original to add, and coupled with the restrictions, there was nowhere to go but out.

Esther, Jerry Hicks and Abraham Followers Migrate To Abe Talk

A new group, made up of renegades from the Forum’s restrictions, was started and was soon joined by others collected from whatever the term for ‘word of mouth’ would be on the internet.

The brightest and most dynamic from the Forum seemed to arrive quickly. Sierra, intense, open, sunny and eager to share was there. So was playfully aggressive Cigi, life-loving Adal, complexly energized Simon and sweet Shari. What also was there was a playing field as wide as the Earth itself, and the ability to learn and argue new subjects was vast.

Without Esther and Jerry Hicks controlling from behind the scenes, the members became instantly more colorful and playful and, much to Jerry Hicks chagrin as it turned out, sexy.

Esther, Jerry Hicks and Abraham Followers, Next Phase

The story so far may be a little long for the conclusions I set out to draw. The most significant, I think, is that–with one explosive exception I wrote about in a previous hub–virtually none of those I started with years ago has ever denounced the teachings that brought us together.

A significant number, now more familiar with Esther and Jerry Hicks and disillusioned by the toxic marketing that bloomed around them, did move away from what has become a sort of Abraham Hicks Cult.

Many grew beyond the teachings, much as the original Abraham (the one who didn’t waste time shilling for products) encouraged, and, like me, got tired of the repetitive shallowness in the discussions, but found the others again as Facebook friends and on fan pages. But here’s what I learned that mattered to me.

  • Those who try to follow the teachings and hone their efforts in the long run are successful, and by successful, I mean happy and contented with the experiences in their lives.
  • The leaders, like Sierra and Ahna, become teachers themselves who influence followers with original ideas and expanded teachings.
  • Esther, Jerry Hicks and Abraham followers were not at all cult-like in the beginning. (How radically that has changed!) The pioneers found it easy to move on when the fit was no longer right. The membership is more cult-like today as I have written here and here.
  • They don’t form a religion, unless human awareness and commitment to experience makes a religion. There are teachings, and no holy book. Nothing is carved on tablets and brought down from the mount by any guru. Followers, in what is superficially a contradiction, are encouraged by Abraham, through Esther Hicks, to learn first from their own inner guidance. (Not anymore. Esther has now established a practice of kicking people out of the hot seat, to the delight of audience members, for infractions so minute that not so much as a full sentence was spoken, although adverse publicity seems to have reduced the number of incidents.)

…which is what makes the guidance Esther Hicks passes on from Abraham from her place on the stage and in their books so deeply wise. It’s empowering. When a teacher, especially one with vast experience to draw from and insight, tells students they can grow more from their own resources than others’ teachings, its both humbling and inspirational.

And inspired is what Abraham Hicks Followers turn out most to be. These students, it seems, found their teacher.

Like I said, amazing how much has changed in a very short time.

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Esther, Jerry Hicks and Abraham Followers Today

Addendum, Summer 2011

In real time now, quite a while after I first wrote the above, I’m surprised how much has changed.

Exposed as an Abraham Hicks scam, the current version of Abraham Hicks (or Esther Hicks in a role) would hardly have deserved the following that made the Abe Forum dynamic.

Jerry Hicks is undergoing what he called ‘heavy chemotherapy’ to combat leukemia, cancer of the blood, circumstances that should not be possible, according to the ‘teachings’ of his wife, Esther Hicks. 24 X 7 access to ‘Abraham’ shouldn’t be felled by the illnesses so many others fear.

On the Abe Forum, run by David Gordon as a marketing branch for Abraham Hicks, there is a strange cultishness to the repetitive answers and lack of discussion. (What is a forum, after all?)

One wise member is still cheerfully holding to the bizarre idea Esther and Jerry Hicks try to sell initially: Jerry is receiving chemotherapy for a spider bite. Hm. In case you were in doubt, she adds that taking aspirins is chemotherapy.

For me, the most startling turn came when the Abraham-Hicks operation reduced their use of the term ‘law of attraction,’ which they falsely claimed to have originated and which helped make them rich. They adopted the clunky ‘vortex of attraction’ after being denied a trademark because it was obvious from the simplest research that the ‘law of attraction’ had been in use for decades.

I’m sorry I didn’t get back to this sooner with clarifications about the Abraham Hicks Scam, but I think I’m caught up now.