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The Formula for Building Cheap Easter Baskets

Steps to Creating Cheap Easter Baskets

Easter is coming up fast and you need to put together Easter baskets for the kids. What to do? Fortunately Amazon has everything you need to put together attractive, fun and cheap Easter baskets for the kids. Plus you can shop Amazon in your jammies and all of your Easter basket building blocks will arrive in the mail a few days later. Building children’s Easter baskets yourself guarantees your kids will enjoy what the Easter bunny brings on Easter morn. You can hand pick your child’s favorite colors, favorite candy and one special toy. You can make Easter memorable for your children by building your own cheap Easter baskets.

Here is my formula for building a cheap, attractive and useful Easter basket. You need certain ingredients to achieve balance in a cheap Easter basket (also to insure that it doesn’t look cheap to your kids): basket and decoration, novelty items, candy and one special gift. As you read on, look for all of the products I mention in a display right below the paragraph and happy basket building!

1. First of course is the basket itself, plus crinkle cut paper shred (if you have a shredder, you can do this yourself with newspaper) to line the bottom of the basket and finally shrink wrap cellophane to contain all of the Easter goodies and give the baskets you make a final touch. If you purchase Easter baskets, make sure to tuck them away after the holiday so you can keep using them every year. Otherwise, if you want your base for the basket to be in use all year round, consider purchasing something like a colored tin pail so you can use it around the house for organizing when its not Easter.

11″ Bamboo Easter Basket 1 Bag of Yellow Crinkle Cut Paper Shred for Gift Packaging Wrap Basket Filling Clear Plastic Shrink Bags 24″ X 30″ 2/Pk Medium Basket Size Toysmith Kids Colorful Pail

2. Next up are the novelty items for your baskets. This is the area where I can get carried away and spend too much. But your child really only needs a few of these kinds of items and you certainly don’t need more kids stuff cluttering up your living space. These glitter Easter tattoos are adorable–you can buy them and divvy up the tattoos across the baskets you’re making. Another cool novelty item are these Easter eggs that hatch cute little pets when the egg is placed in water. What a fun little toy for your child!

Glitter Easter Tattoos Easter Eggs – Hide ‘Em and Hatch ‘Em Eggs – Watch Them Hatch Like Magic Three Different Pets!

3. Of course, every Easter basket needs Easter candy. My kids are personally disappointed if they don’t get their own chocolate Easter bunnies. Nowadays with child obesity on the rise, I try to give them smaller bunnies and smaller amounts of Easter candy overall. The big Easter bunny options are still available, however. One iconic Easter candy that I like to give, especially for the sake of tradition, are marshmallow Peeps. Another favorite are the Cadbury chocolate eggs with yellow and white filling. (I may or may not stash away a few extra after a stressful day at work–sssshhh! Don’t tell!) Amazon allows you to purchase all of these items in bulk so that you split items across baskets and you save money.

Lindt Mini Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate, 5-Count Marshmallow Peeps Yellow Easter Bunnies 12ct CADBURY Creme Eggs 6 Pack – 237g/8.35oz (Suitable for Vegetarians)

4. Lastly, the final touch for a cheap Easter basket is to place in it one toy that your child loves. Do you have a son? Would he enjoy an American Plastic Toy Mega Dump Truck? Would your daughter love to snuggle with a Sesame Street Cadabby Plush? If you’re not sure what your child would like, consider purchasing a blu-ray like Hop which can be enjoyed all year round. All you need to top off your basket is one toy your child will love.

American Plastic Toy Mega Dump Truck Sesame Street Small Plush Hop Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Copy+UltraViolet) (2011)

That is all you need to create a cheap Easter basket. Incidentally, this formula works on baskets for all occasions and you will create beautiful and reasonably priced baskets with it all year round.

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