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The Future of Rattan Garden Furniture in Today’s Market Place

The popularity of Rattan furniture is once again booming and the modern day reinvention of Rattan garden furniture sees a design that is desirable, comfortable, creative and luxurious.

Rattan is durable, flexible and low maintenance, making it an ideal material for use in a conservatory or outdoors.

What is Rattan?

True Rattan is a bamboo like material whose natural fibers have been used for centuries to make both chairs and baskets.

The name Rattan is broad term which covers over 600 species of palms and jungle vines that are found in the tropical regions of Asia, Australasia and Africa.

But, natural Rattan does to not hold up well under certain conditions and breaks down or becomes mildewed in wet or humid environments. The Rattan wood is also susceptible to damage from wood eating insects.

Today the same aesthetic appeal is created using synthetic Rattan that emulates the look of actual Rattan whilst tackling the durability issues of natural Rattan. Synthetic Rattan is completely waterproof, stain proof and UV resistant so it will not crack or fade under direct sunlight.

The future of Rattan garden furniture

PE and PVC Rattan is now taking garden furniture into the future and are typically woven over an aluminium power coated frame. The use of aluminium is a significant advancement as frames made from steal can begin to rust in just over a year.

Synthetic Rattan is designed to look like natural Rattan but can be created in any colour. Initially as Rattan furniture reemerged into the modern market dark wood-coloured shades were used.

Designers today however are adding a modern twist by using a much wider palette of natural colours. This has made Rattan popular again with both young and old consumers who understand that Rattan products offer quality that will last a lifetime.

You can buy Rattan garden furniture to meet any of the needs of your outdoor space. This could be in the creation of a family dinning area with a glass-topped Rattan dinning table and chairs or simply to create a place to relax on a large corner sofa.

Circular chair arrangements are also displaying signs of becoming an emerging popularity trend. These can meet space-saving needs by interlocking closely around a central core or table. As PVC and PE Rattan products are completely weather proof they also do not need storing away over winter adding another benefit in choosing Rattan garden furniture over cheaper alternatives.

As the popularity of woven Rattan furniture continues to grow we now see this material being used in much more imaginative ways by garden furniture designers.

This includes adding style to patio heaters with a Rattan covered heater base or as a covering material for the frame of swing or suspended chairs. It is also being used to create matching storage boxes for housing outdoor cushions which must be protected over winter.

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