News The Glasses Make the Man: Let Your Sunglasses Speak...

The Glasses Make the Man: Let Your Sunglasses Speak For You


The Glasses Make the Man: Let Your Sunglasses Speak For You

Thus saith Hollywood…

Think back to all your favorite action movies. After all the car chases and fight scenes, what was that final scene that sealed the movie’s ‘cool’ factor? Yep. The sunglasses! Almost every action hero had these sunglasses that the actors took off or put back on at the beginning or end of a really cool scene. And…admit it; you wanted those sunglasses as much as you wanted to be as cool as them. So you see, even Hollywood knows it’s the glasses that makes the man.

Let’s make you cool, shall we?

You don’t need to change you entire wardrobe (yet) but we can show you how to spice things up with a little tweak to your eyewear. First, think about the look you are going for; your brand, that is. Are you the corporate type, artsy, rock star, cool geek? What is your personality type? This is important because it provides the template for how to choose from among the finest glasses in the market.

What’s your coloring?

Next, let’s take a look at your coloring. The color of your hair, eyebrows and your skin… You need to choose a shade that complements these. We don’t want you looking washed out or too dark, now do we? This may sound complicated but a general rule is that if you have light complexions and hair color go with darker lenses while darker complexion and hair look better with bright colors or darker ones.

Shapes and frames

Sticking with your face (that’s where they will go anyway), let’s talk shape. You know how you match the color of your shirt with your eyes to make them pop. Don’t do that here. Don’t match the shape of your face with that of your sunglasses.

If you have a square face, get sunglasses with softer frames. If your face is round, go for more defined frames. Also, remember that your eye is placed at the center of your frame so that your sunglasses don’t swallow your face (not a good look for anyone, trust me!).

When in doubt ask around

For some of you, all these tips may be a bit too much. So, take a friend along with you to help you pick a pair. You could take a stylish friend, your girlfriend or sister; anyone you can trust and knows your style. You could ask the salespeople at the store (and they know a lot about sunglasses) but since they don’t know your personal style, they can only offer general advice. So friends and family are better companions on this shopping trip.

Trust your instincts

You are the one that is going to have those sunglasses on your face; so ultimately, it’s how you feel about them that counts. Take a look in the mirror and see how they work with all these elements of your face. Don’t over think it, though. It only takes a few minutes to decide if you like them or not.

For a wider variety of sun glasses online stores are a good place to start. In addition, you can get quite good deals for those fancy designer glasses.

Happy shopping!

The Glasses Make the Man: Let Your Sunglasses Speak For You
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