The God In Evolution

Charles Darwin’s 1859 book ‘Origin Of Species’ presented evidence for how species came about, and named the process Evolution. Darwin’s work eventually became known as The Theory Of Evolution, because over time the process has become more important than what it was originated to explain.

The process of Evolution has had major implications and impacts on human social life and thinking, for one basic reason; it does away with God. God is removed as an active principle because it simply is not there. Human development via Evolution is presented as a blind, purposeless and meaningless process. This is a continuation of the process beginning with the Renaissance, which continually reduced the importance of man in the universe.

From being the cause and center of creation, man is reduced to being just another primate, a sort of superior monkey. produced by a process called Evolution which is blind, purposeless and meaningless. The social and personal impacts of this belief system have been profoundly negative. The authority of religion, the time honored basis for moral conduct, has been removed. With nothing to replace it, moral chaos has arisen in the form of two world wars.

Technology has provided humanity the means of self-extermination in the form of atomic world war three, which is evidently approaching. Can anything be done to change the path of approaching destruction? The answer is yes!

Philosopher-scientist Phillip Duke Ph.D. has written and published a book that puts God back into Evolution. According to Dr. Duke’s book Evolution is a guided and directed process. It is guided and directed by Natural Laws, all of which come from- God! This revolutionary new concept puts God back as the directing principle of human Evolution. This is an extremely important book, since it may well prove to be the salvation of the human race. To see this book go here:

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