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The Great Avocado


Avocados are a green pear shaped green fruit which grow in hot countries like Peru, Chile, Philippines, Spain, South Africa, US, Hawaii, Thailand to name a few. Growing them is tricky so your better of buying them in your grocery store.

Avocados are given a bad rep due to the high fat and calorie content that they contain (322 calories). Due to this fact a lot of people are not too enthusiastic about adding them into their weekly diet. But are we blinded to the many qualities that they offer us. Avocados contain vitamins, minerals, potassium, folic acid, fibre and copper among other things and they all help to keep our body in good working order.


It is reported that avocados can help the body in aiding digestion, losing weight, keeping skin healthy and avoiding the signs of aging. There is a toxin that is found in the avocado which is supposedly able to help in killing the cancerous cells which effect the body. Also another benefit of eating avocados is that they help in keeping your cholesterol levels low and your heart and mind in good working order.

How to get nutrients from the avocado?

You can add avocado to your salads or as an additional ingredient to your regular meals. Many of us would usually make a dip from it and get the nutrients it contains this way. However if you don’t feel like eating the avocado then you can get some of their benefits other ways.

Firstly there are product out there in the market which acutally contain avocado oil which is found to have positive benefits for your skin and hair. However if you don’t feel like buying these product you can make some of your own health and beauty product at home.

When you decide to use avocado for any beauty regimes always ensure that the avocado is fully ripe. Usually when you buy it in the store it will be hard. So when you bring it home, leave it out for a few days in a warm place to help it ripen. When it becomes soft it’s ready to use. The main advantage of a soft avocado is that it a lot easier to mash it up with a fork. Sometimes avocados can be black but that just means it is really ripe and if it’s soft you can still use it. The inside of the avocado is usually bright green.


All you will need is 1 Ripe Avocado
Mast the avocado up really well and massage it into the hair really focusing on the scalp. Apply it too your hair 30 minutes before you wash and condition your hair. Rinse out really well before applying the shampoo.

The Great Avocado
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