The Greenest County Awards: The complete guide to the upcoming event

The Greenest County Awards have been designed in order to reward those in Essex that have made an outstanding effort to improve their environmental performance and reduce their carbon footprint. This includes a vast assortment of companies and organisations, as well as charities, education establishments and community projects. The ceremony is going to take place in spring 2015 and there is still a chance to enter at present. So, let’s discover a bit more about the Green Essex Awards and what you can expect…

There are actually ten different award categories, ensuring all types of organisations are recognised. These are as follows…

– Greenest Business – This award is designed for companies that have made a significant effort to improve their environmental performance. It is also designed to reward those businesses that have experienced a reduction in business expenditure as a result and an increase in business performance.

– Best Renewable Energy Project– To reward innovative renewable energy projects.

– Greenest School or Education Establishment – Recognising the leading environmentally friendly schools and colleges.

– Greenest Building– This is designed to award the greenest buildings – whether a new build, refurbishment or development, and whether domestic or commercial.

– Greenest Community Project– For community groups that are making an effort to improve the environment in their local and/or wider area.

– Greenest Product or Innovation– Have you developed something that has helped to enhance environmental performance? If so, you could win this reward.

– Local Food and Drink Champion– Environmentally friendly local food production.

– Waste & Recycling – A reward for anyone that makes an exceptional effort in waste reduction.

– Water Management– Have you taken a creative and successful approach to conserving water?

– Greenest Transport– Green travel is awarded in this category. Organisations that have made inroads in this area will be awarded.

So, now you know a little bit more about the ten awards, and there is still time to enter these categories. If you believe you have something to offer, or you know an organisation that does, you should certainly consider applying.

The Greenest County Awardsthemselves are not only designed in order to award those that have done well in terms of their environmental impact, but they have the purpose of increasing awareness on these issues as well. They encourage the best practice sharing in terms of environmental practices and show how they can improve their corporate performance through doing so.

The awards ceremony itself will be a special breakfast event that is hosted by Business Connect. It will be a very special occasion. Other sponsors of the Green Essex Awards are Colchester Borough, The Write Impression and Zero Above.

One a final note, the Greenest County Awards also offer a sponsorship program, which companies can benefit from. Through this program organisations will acquire additional marketing value, as they will promote the awards and your business via both traditional and digital platforms. There is sponsorship available for each awards category, with the option of dual category sponsorship available, i.e. where you can be sponsored for two categories. Thus, this is certainly something worth looking into.