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The Growth of Biobanking and its Impact on Research

Biobanking is very critical in the medical fraternity especially in the research arena. Researchers sourcing specimens such as tissue samples and blood samples from biobanks are making great strides with the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment solutions for a wide variety of diseases. This means that biobanking is one of the areas that are witnessing a fast growth. This growth means that there is supply in a larger category and wider range of cell strains and lines. With the growth, also comes efficiency and challenges that have to be met and overcome to ensure that there is accuracy that is so important for research and the development of the medical industry.

To ensure that the cells have minimal to no change in their structure and the tissues maintain the original form as much as possible, it is crucial that there is a limited to no use of chemicals. This is why modern biobanking has to be innovative in the way they handle human tissue from procurement to transportation to storage. The preservation period, for the most part, involves placing cells in an environment that is stressful to those cells and tissue. If this process is not done in the proper manner, it can result in cell unavailability. In the event that the cells make it through the preservation period, there can be a lag in return to its functional state, thus slowing down the whole process and also posing a variety of challenges to the accuracy of the research outcome.


Cryopreservation has done a great deal to improving the biobanking arena. This, however, is still surrounded by challenges. The largest need being finding a way to incorporate methods that can make it more effective. Traditionally, there is reliance on coating of the specimen with cryoprotectants. These cryoprotectants raise more challenges as they can contaminate the specimen, especially when used in isolation, further complicating or causing inaccuracies with research outcomes.

Quality Standards

The advancement in biomedical research calls for sophistication in the way tissues and cell lines are handled. Proper biobanking solutions have to be formulated and adopted. For this to happen, research and testing should be given preeminence. Improving operations through quality standards and improved technologies is critical. The entire production chain of sample handling should be a balance between biobanks and customer demands on costs, speed, versatility and sample quality. Human tissue banks are therefore working with relevant institutions to make sure that milestones are covered, including certification standards, accreditation, best biobanking practices, and more advanced technologies. The biobanking sector should therefore not be left behind.


Emphasis should be geared towards embracing new technology that will better the existing solutions while developing new ones. Proper financing and facilitation is of core value of bio-banking has to take significant strides and play its role effectively in research and clinical medicine. There also has to be the right balance between improved technologies, quality and cost.

Biobanks in line with progress

In line with the growth in tissue banking and the challenges faced therein, ILSbio is committed to providing and advancing products that will improve bio-banking capabilities and an unmatched advantage over other players in the industry in light of your research needs. We are continuously growing to ensure specimens of the highest quality are procured, stored and delivered in the proper and most effective manner. Above all we hold the highest regard for the process to protect the safety, integrity and autonomy of sample donors. We uphold the highest ethical standards to ensure public trust. Get on board and get what modern biobanking has to offer. Contact us to learn more today.

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