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The Guide to Setting Up a Home Bar

Setting up a home bar is always worth the effort. Be it entertaining guests or just enjoying a good time with yourself, there’s nothing like a home bar.

A home bar is where you entertain your guests and share laughs with drinks that you have made. You do not need to have a splurging bar room for setting up your personal bar, although if you can have that, there’s nothing like it. To create a space to mix and enjoy your favorite cocktails, all you need is a little initiative.

The Guide to Setting Up a Home Bar

Here’s a checklist of what you would need to set up your home bar.


If you have a full-fledged cocktail party coming up, you should buy these in good amount – gin, bourbon, rum, scotch, tequila, vermouth, vodka, and Cointreau. However,you don’t need to stock up on these at all times. Just keep a constant stock of a few that you love having.


Red and white wine are the basics that should be present for dinners.


Stock up light and dark beer for light-hearted parties. And don’t forget some craft sodas for your guests who are teetotalers. After all, you need to take care of everyone.


Cola, club soda, ginger ale, tonic water, cranberry juice, orange juice, angostura bitters, and sparkling water will allow you to make multiple drinks. If your guests like their cocktails with bitter accents and depth, then spicy sweet Peychaud’s, orange bitters, and artisan bitters in different flavors will get you many compliments.


Pitted green olives, limes, lemons, Kosher salt,pepper, sugar and Maraschino cherries are essential garnishes. And then there has to be a refrigerator for regular supply of ice.


For serving your guests in style, buy a couple of martini glasses, highball glasses, and all-purpose wineglasses.


Bar accessories are a one-time investment and if you are serious about setting up your home bar then make sure you buy the best quality accessories. The must-haves are long cocktail spoons, paring knife, cutting board, peeler, corkscrew, juice squeezer, bottle opener, standard shaker, jigger, cocktail toothpicks and swizzle sticks, napkins, and a good bar-tending handbook. Arttdinox has some of the finest bar accessories you can find in India. You can look up their website for a collection of designer stainless steel accessories.

The list here will get you a fine working bar. But remember that a home bar takes time to build. You cannot set up a full-fledged one right from the start. And so, the key is to start small and give preference to your personal taste. Start with mixing drinks that you like and gradually experiment with more flavors. You can buy unique, elegant and versatile home bar supplies from Arttdinox.

Have you ever set up a home bar? Or been to one that you found awesome? Share your experience with us.

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