The Hangman Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The Hanged Man, 12th card of the Tarot, usually represents a moment of stillness and deep spiritual introspection. It represents sacrifice, evocative of ancient Norse myths about Odin hanging from the world tree to gain wisdom through a process almost like death, but it also represents a trip inwards, towards your inner self. For some practitioners the Hangman reversed represents the total opposite of this scenario, and for others it just means its effects are being diminished, its teachings unheard.

Self-Limiting Beliefs

Take a good look at your life; are you in denial or refusing something or somebody just because you think that’s the only possible thing to do? Self-limiting beliefs such as “I can’t possibly do that” or “That is impossible, don’t ever think of it” are often represented by the reversed Hanged Man. When this card appears on a reading is a good moment to reflect on what are you doing that prevents you from listening to the guidance from your inner self.

Excessive Attachment to the Past

The Hanged Man reversed on a reading can also refer to excessive attachment to the past, and the inability to just let go. Something is gone from your life or a situation has ended, but you don’t want to accept it. It may even be something you are doing without being conscious of; for example you could be finding trouble letting a new relationship take hold because you are still unable to let go of one that ended a while ago. On some readings, such as the celtic cross tarot, it can also indicate a person from your past making a come back into your life or trying to affect current events, depending on which position the card appears at.

Being Too Judgemental

When the Hanged man appears reversed on a reading it may also indicate that you are being too judgemental and unable to just let a situation progress. You may be missing something vital because you are unable to suspend your expectations and judgements for long enough to receive the message. This can also represent fearing judgement from others. The Hanged Man is a figure of sacrifice, and it often represents being a scapegoat for the greater good of everybody involved. Reversed it often indicates an unwillingness to go through with something because of the potential social backlash or other’s judgements.

The meaning of the Hangman reversed tarot card will also depends on its position on a spread and which other cards it relates to, so it’s important to interpretate its meaning as part of the whole tarot spread and not on its own.