The Health Scam

Steven Nissen, the chair of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic recently admitted;  “in many ways, trans fat is a real tragic story for the American diet, In the 1950s and ’60s, we mistakenly told Americans that butter and eggs were bad for them and pushed people to margarine, which is basically trans fat.”

Trans fat is bad for humans.   These are unsaturated fats which do Not exist in nature.  They are produced in laboratories.

They are made from vegetable fats, used in margarine, snack food, packaged baked goods and to fry fast food.

Their use began in the 1950s.

The public was told how ‘healthy’ the product was, made to believe that butter should be avoided, and the only ‘healthy’ cooking oil was ‘Vegetable’ oil.

Trans fat has been proven to be a major cause of coronary heart disease, the worldwide leading cause of death.

This is not really shocking, as humans were not created to consume inedible products.

Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Peanut Oil, we know where they come from, we know how they are made.

What is ‘Vegetable’ oil?  Which vegetable?

These ‘vegetable oils’ are transformed through partial or complete hydrogenation which gives them a higher melting point.

Hydrogenation involves the insertion of hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst, usually a powdered nickel  compound.  (This isn’t sounding like food, is it?)

As Mr. Nissen lamented,  people were told, more than that, encouraged, to drop their ‘unhealthy’ coconut oil, olive oil, butter, and the like, and jump into the ‘healthy’ world of Trans fat.

Fortunately for some, the message didn’t take.

In Jamaica, some of us make our own coconut oil.  It is really easy.  Get a pile of kids, a number of graters, and a whole bunch of dried coconuts.   Have the kids grater the coconut. When it’s all done, you add water to the heap of grated coconut.   You let this sit for awhile.

Eventually, you squeeze the coconut with a cloth, to ge out all the moisture.  It takes a long time as you can only get a handful of coconut into the cloth at a time.  You might want to get one of the bigger kids to do this.

Once done,  put the squeezed out coconut one side, you’ll feed the chickens with it.  If you don’t have chickens, toss it.  The wild birds will have a party.

The liquid is then boiled at a slow flame.  Eventually, the water boils off, the oil is left, with a big froth we call custard.

You pay the kids with the custard.  Kids love custard.

You now have absolutely pure coconut oil, which you will use in your food, in your hair, on your skin.

Of course, the Modern People buy ‘Vegetable oil’ because it is the cheapest thing going.   And of course, until recently, we were told, it was healthy.

Now that America is banning Trans-fat, you can guess what shores it will wash up on, and how cheap it will be sold.