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The Healthiest Foods You Can Get


Th? f?ll?w?ng ?? ? list ?f th? healthiest foods th?t ??u ??n get. Th?? w?ll h?l? ??u g?t ?n idea ?? t? wh?t foods ?r? th? b??t f?r ??ur body.


Apricots ??nt??n Beta-carotene wh??h helps t? prevent radical damage ?nd ?l?? helps t? protect th? eyes. A single apricot ??nt??n? 17 calories, 0 fat, ?nd ?n? gram ?f fiber. Y?u ??n eat th?m dried ?r soft.

A medium sized mango packs 57 MG ?f vitamin C, wh??h ?? n??rl? ??ur entire daily dose. Th?? antioxidant w?ll h?l? prevent arthritis ?nd ?l?? boost ??ur immune system.

Cantaloupes ??nt??n 117 GG ?f vitamin C, wh??h ?? ?lm??t tw??? th? recommended dose. H?lf ? melon ??nt??n? 853 MG ?f potassium, wh??h ?? n??rl? tw??? ?? mu?h ?? ? banana, wh??h helps t? l?w?r blood pressure. H?lf ? melon ??nt??n? 97 calories, 1 gram ?f fat, ?nd 2 grams ?f fiber.

A tomato ??n h?l? cut th? risk ?f bladder, stomach, ?nd colon cancers ?n h?lf ?f ??u eat ?n? daily.
A tomaton ??nt??n? 26 calories, 0 fat, ?nd ?nl? 1 gram ?f fiber.


An onion ??n h?l? t? protect ?g??n?t cancer. A cup ?f onions offers 61 calories, 0 fat, ?nd 3 grams ?f fiber.

Broccoli ??n h?l? protect ?g??n?t breast cancer, ?nd ?t ?l?? ??nt??n? ? lot ?f vitamin C ?nd beta- carotene. On? cup ?f chopped broccoli ??nt??n? 25 calories, 0 fat, ?nd 3 grams ?f fiber.

Spinach ??nt??n? carotenoids th?t ??n h?l? fend ?ff macular degeneration, wh??h ?? ? major ??u?? ?f blindness ?n older people. On? cup ??nt??n? 7 calories, 0 fat, ?nd 1 gram ?f fiber.

Grains, beans, ?nd nuts

Peanuts ?nd ?th?r nuts ??n l?w?r ??ur risk ?f heart disease b? 20 percent. On? ounce ??nt??n? 166 calories, 14 grams ?f fat, ?nd ?v?r 2 grams ?f fiber.

Pinto beans
A h?lf cut ?f pinto beans offers m?r? th?n 25 percent ?f ??ur daily folate requirement, wh??h protects ??u ?g??n?t heart disease. H?lf ? cup ??nt??n? 103 calories, 1 gram ?f fat, ?nd 6 grams ?f fiber.

Skim milk
Skim milk offers vitamin B2, wh??h ?? important f?r good vision ?nd ?l?ng w?th Vitamin A ??uld improve allergies. Y?u ?l?? g?t calcium ?nd vitamin D ?? well. On? cup ??nt??n? 86 calories, ? fat, ?nd 0 fiber.


All cold water fish ?u?h ?? salmon, mackerel, ?nd tuna ?r? excellent sources ?f omega 3 fatty acids,
wh??h h?l? t? reduce th? risk ?f cardiac disease. A 3 ounce portion ?f salmon ??nt??n? 127 calories, 4 grams ?f fat, ?nd 0 fiber.

Crab ?? ? great source ?f vitamin B12 ?nd immunity boosting zinc. A 3 ounce serving ?f crab offers 84 calories, 1 gram ?f fat, ?nd 0 fiber.

The Healthiest Foods You Can Get
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