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It’s Monday morning: the beaches are deserted, and Hollywood—after, at most, a day off from glamour—is back to its high maintenance ways. On the set of “Friends”, hairstylist Edward St. George is discussing Lisa Kudrow’s longer coif while Jennifer Aniston—having successfully convinced the “Friends” producer to allow her to keep the new, tangled style that St. George created—listens in. Things are heating up at the nearby Prive Salon in West Hollywood, the hot new Monday scene for beauty, where celebs lunch while being trimmed, colored and made-up, all the while catching up on industry buzz. Claire Forlani arrives in a quandary: whether or not to cut her hair.

Tea Leoni is thoroughly decisive about keeping hers short. After arriving with a gaggle of assistants, Denise Richards decides to leave her luxurious blondish-brown mane long but adds a few new highlights. (Terry Hatcher’s writing notes to save her voice for tonight’s stage performance while having her hair infused with a secret blend of nutrients.) No one leaves Privé empty-handed, and flying out the door this morning is the wildly popular Salon Foamateur, Seafoam Volumnizer, and Glisteneur pomade for sheen.

Across town at Bloomingdale’s, Mary Louise Parker, in sunglasses and sans makeup, saunters by Girl Cosmetic’s new Velvet Goldmine Collection to get Cupid (powder pink with pink glitter) and almost bumps into Rosanna Arquette, equally unrecognizable, buying Galaxy (purple with multi-colored glitter). Moments later, Rose McGowan comes in with beau Marilyn Manson, who buys Moonchild (brown with gold glitter) and Nightstar glitter eye pencil for himself. A tad frazzled, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s assistant rushes in for an emergency purchase of Celestial (pink). Supermodel Naomi Campbell, accompanied by an exotic man, buys Girl’s Lover Lips that she first used on the runways of Paris and New York, a lip-enhancing gloss with a unique formula that fills in lines and gives lips a smooth full look. He puts it on his platinum card.

A little further north, in sunny Beverly Hills, director Ron Howard leafs through the Hollywood Reporter at Bobby Joy’s sleek makeup shop, waiting patiently for his wife who is getting the whole enchilada: Bobby’s incredible Head Case replete with personalized fall colors. Ron pays the bill. A few blocks away, at Frédéric Fekkai’s Beverly Hills salon, Ellen Degeneres and Anne Heche emerge holding hands and toting little bags with his sheerest lip products, Pure Gloss Lip Pencil and Purely Lipstick, tucked inside.

Over on Melrose, at Red’s, a restaurant frequented by actors and pseudo-everythings, Drew Barrymore shmears on a delicate pink lip gloss by Stila as a girlfriend gushes with passion over the color. And at The Coffee Bean on Sunset, a haunt for actors and buffed wannabees, Courtney Love, wearing black kohl eyeliner and no lipstick, yawns and sips a latte while her fawning entourage hangs on her every breath, and a pimply-faced assistant races back with packages from her humongous shopping blowout. Love fishes out a bottle of Urban Decay Curfew, a purplish-plum color, and polishes one nail while a zealous assistant blows it dry. At a table across the room, Cher books a powerpeel with Dr. Howard Lancer from her cell phone.

On a movie set in nearby West L.A., makeup artist Thierry Pourtoy touches up Salma Hayek for the evening. The petite beauty wants that natural unmade-up look favored by her boyfriend Edward Atterton, so Pourtoy uses his natural sheer eyeshadows Sulfur and Vision in shades of metallic brown. Thierry rushes on to Charlize Theron’s home where he uses his most popular lipstick Timeless, a rosy neutral, and Plum Rose Creme Blush.

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