The home of all dangers

Falls, burns, poisoning, suffocation … your home is a real minefield for children. With 18 000 deaths each year, domestic accidents kill more than road. And children are particularly affected. A few simple precautions can prevent a tragedy.

“Bodyguard around this baby, all is safe around this baby” sang the group Satellites with Sai Sai. The way to discover the world around the child based on morality (puts everything it finds in the mouth) and touch. Each room of the house contains traps more or less obvious.

The kitchen: Risk power 10!

She argues with the bathroom instead of the most dangerous room. For your child, it is a real treasure trove … you need absolutely secure. Firstly the stove. Nothing is more tempting to play with the buttons. If you have a choice, prefer electricity if gas test buttons. If you press it and rotate to allow gas to escape, your babynours will be more difficult to manipulate. Attention to the hot oven door, there are doors with cold, albeit a bit more expensive.

When you are cooking, baby can go in his high chair to admire you. This way you will not risk accidentally shake the pan with hot water. And above all, be careful not to let his cock exceed the edge of the stove, but the board is also valid for the coffee hot you cool and intriguing as your child or prepared foods in the microwave, cold surface, burning when you taste it. Before giving him his bottle, test in temperature. Adopt the technique of stream of milk on the back of your hand. Each year, 1000 children are hospitalized due to burns.

Storm warning in the bathroom

The risk of burns are not restricted to the kitchen. A new regulation is in preparation to lower the threshold of domestic hot water at 50 ° C. Pending when you run a bath, first test the water temperature with your hand. Once in the bath do not leave the eyes for a moment. The phone rings? Let it ring! If it is important you call back later! Remember that 10 cm of water enough to drown it. If it is larger, it might be tempted to join you and then slip in the bathtub or on the floor.

You installed throughout the house outlet covers for he does not put his fingers in, but do not overlook the hair dryer, electric shaver or radio installed near the tub. Electric shock is multiplied in the presence of water.

The same way you thought to store cleaning products (preserved in their original packaging) in a closet or locked with a locking system adapted, but what about cosmetics and personal care products? They can be very toxic if swallowed. Never forget to put them or put them in height.

His room where he lives

Even in your little one’s room is not safe. Falls of the changing table are more common than one might think, because you’re away half a second to grab a diaper, because you looked to take his body. A tip: always keep a hand on her stomach or take it in your arms if you need to get something.

Risks no shortage of bed bars far enough apart so that it passes the head, beads curtains, covers, toy boxes. Never leave your pet into his room, they could take the crib for his basketful and choking are not negligible. Similarly, remove large fluff adorning her bed.

If his room is upstairs, equip the stairs of a security barrier.

A display near your phone

If an accident occurs, do not waste time. Keep the phone numbers of emergency at hand. In a panic, you might forget who you know by heart in normal times.