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The Host by Stephenie Meyer Exchanges Vampires for Aliens – a Book Review


The Host by Stephenie Meyer – Synopsis

In her most recent book,’The Host,’ author Stephenie Meyer brings a race of aliens to Earth who take over by being surgically inserted into the base of the brain and spinal column. This gives the alien full control of the host’s body and memories. Most human consciousness simple fades away after the insertion, but there are a few rare cases, such as that of Melanie Stryder and her occupant, Wanderer, where the human host mentally fights the takeover.

The solution is to remove the parasite and start over, either implanting a stronger personality or simply disposing of the flawed host body, but to Wanderer’s kind, removal is a mark of giving up, so Wanderer tries to hide the signs of her distress while she fights to overcome Melanie. However, she waits too long and comes to feel Melanie’s passion for her missing loved ones — loved ones that Wanderer is obligated to help the Seekers find.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer Exchanges Vampires for Aliens – a Book Review The Host: A Novel by Stephenie Meyer

The Host — Review

‘The Host‘ will appeal to readers of ‘Twilight’ because it is a love story filled with danger, emotional turmoil, and a love that will not die. However, ‘The Host’ does not develop the characters the way ‘Twilight’ did, and none of the secondary characters are very memorable. Jared, the love of Melanie’s life, is disappointingly one-dimensional. However, what Meyer does give readers with ‘The Host’ is a more developed plot than Twilight offered before its sequels kept adding on to it.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer Exchanges Vampires for Aliens – a Book Review

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1) by Stephenie Meyer

‘The Host’ is a story with a fairly fresh look at alien takeovers which is even a bit novel in its approach. Imagine that someone as meek, self-effacing and eager to please as ‘Twilight’s’ Bella Swan took over your body and fell in love with your boyfriend but was still supposed to turn him in to the Seekers. That’s the plot of ‘The Host’ in a nutshell.

‘The Host’ by Stephanie Meyer is worth reading and fans of sci-fi may enjoy it more than they did ‘Twilight.’

If you have readt ‘The Host’ and ‘Twilight’ by Stephenie Meyer, let me know how you think they compared in the comments below.


The Host by Stephenie Meyer Exchanges Vampires for Aliens – a Book Review
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