The Importance Of Appreciating The Under Appreciated

We need to see the value in all human beings. Old people may not move as fast, but they sure have many more years of experience to share and that information often goes to waste unless we take the time to listen. It will be in the interest of the young people to show respect to the elders. Old people are so so cute and when you have patience to listen to them, you will be amazed and refreshed mentally.

I love taking care of my aged mother even when she can’t bath herself and do all the necessary house chores. It was after my elder sister passed on I realised the importance of caring and helping each other. Anytime I remember her in my heart, I always say sorry sis for not caring fully for you.

It is so sad to see the young ones take their old parent to old homes. Some are even shut in, no friends no form of activity. This should not be the case. However, solitude can be reversed if elders had a computer or tablet. I believe it would brighten things up for them.

I love working with older people and I wish more young people were like this. Spend time with them and give them gifts worth more than anything, your time! Some of us forget that we will also need help in our later years and looking after your older relatives is good fate.

All should do this, including the middle aged who have old people at home. Take care of your elder whether far or near because they are our cradle of history.
So many of them are on their own and being on your own all the time is not much fun for anyone either. You will find inner joy when you help them out. The Asians and Africans still respect all elders. This is something that has been lost in the UK unfortunately. It is not too late because this is a wake up call and reminder to all to respect our elders. You’ll never regret it and you’ll find that they’ll add to your life every time you see them.

I find that elders have much more to say and with much more value than most of my peers. It’s because they have wisdom from simple experience. What a beautiful world they create. I took care of my dad in his last years and respecting him till death was a good thing. It is sad to see how many family members just dump their mother or father off and never visit or call.

Engage them in conversation, ask about their lives, and show you care with a smile on your face and give them your full attention. I have great respect for those who care for the elders in their family and community. However, I still appreciate caring and thoughtfulness from some younger people. Although modern technology is really challenging for them, you can create the time to help them learn .We are all indebted to old people.

In conclusion, if our old parents can live healthily, we needn’t worry too much about them. Then we can live comfortably. All these care on our elderly gives a lot of blessings. It is wonderful that you take good care of yours because they have such a wealth of knowledge to share! They have wisdom from simple experience.