The Importance Of Banner Hems

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It’s fairly common for a person or business owner to consider ordering a vinyl banner and it’s a great option to think about. What they might not consider when getting involved with ordering their banner signs is all the choices that need to be made to get the best possible sign for what it’s needed for.

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Vinyl Banners And What They Say

The first and most obvious choices that will need to be made are those of what the sign should say. What colors should the banner signs use and what size is being considered. Most likely, the concept of what it will look like has already been thoroughly considered. Maybe the store logo is perfect for the vinyl banner that is going to be ordered. It’s quite possible that finishing the banner and the options that go along with that have not been part of the plan and decisions haven’t been made about how to finish the vinyl banner.

The Finished Product And Hems

When discussing how the banner sign will turn out there will be some questions regarding the final product. The term finishing the banner considers how the actual material will be completed after the graphics are put in place. Some choices will include the possibility of grommets and pole pockets. In addition, you’ll want to think about hems.

Choices Of Hems

Vinyl banners offer a few different choices when it comes to the way the hems are done. A person can choose to have no hem on their banner signs but this often isn’t the wisest of selections. By going this route the sign should be considered only for temporary use. Without proper edging the grommets can easily tare out and the sign will wear down much quicker. If the sign is going to be used for outdoor advertising it’s best to go with a double sewn edge because it will offer the highest level of durability. For added strength choose to have the corners reinforced. This will give better support to the grommets and get the most use out of the sign for the business.

If the sign is going to be used indoors for the most part or has a full bleed copy then the taped hem may be the best selection. This offers the highest quality as far as looks go because close up inspection will not reveal all the stitching. This will give the cleanest and most finished appearance.

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The Importance Of Banner Hems, Seekyt
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