The Importance of Maintaining Accurate Tire Pressure

It is important to maintain tire pressure accurately for a number of reasons. Tire pressure will affect five areas of a vehicle. It will have an effect on braking, steering, acceleration, ride and gas mileage. So, this simple act of maintaining accurate tire pressure on all four tires can have a dramatic effect on a vehicle.

When to Check Tire Pressure

It is best to check and fill the tires when they are cold and away from any sunlight in the morning. It’s best to use a racing air pressure gauge and not a pencil gauge. Sunlight on tires can increase the pressure up to 3 psi more. Also, the car should not be driven when checked as the heat from driving on the tires will also increase tire pressure.

Locating Manufacturer Tire Pressure Sticker

A good racing tire pressure gauge will have a bleeder button to release air pressure for accuracy. First remove all of the caps on the tire valves. Check each tire and compare it to the tire pressure recommended on the vehicle door wall of the car. Sometimes, the sticker can be found when looking down from the door where a person first steps in.

Using The Bleeder Button

Usually, the tire pressure will be between 30 and 35 psi. As you check each tire pressure, note any tires which are over-filled. For these tires, you can simply use the bleeder button on the racing tire pressure gauge to bleed out enough air to make the needle go to the recommended number. The ideal racing gauge should be accurate to one quarter of a psi.

Air Pumps

For the other tires which need to be filled, you can drive to the nearest station which has an air pump or ideally already have a strong air pump at home. Portable air pumps for cars can be purchased from $25 to $50. More expensive canister type of pumps will be between $80 to $150.

Benefits of Accurate Tire Pressure

Pump the necessary tires for a few seconds and check with the gauge. Most likely they will be overfilled and the air will need to be bled out of them. Once all of the tires have the accurate tire pressure as recommended by the manufacturer, the driver will see a benefit in all of the five areas I describe above. The ride will be smoother, braking will be more effective, steering more controlled, acceleration quicker, and of course having the maximum gas mileage your vehicle can achieve.