The Importance of Preparation

A collection of raw materials, on their own,does not make a product.There is the preparation stage; this involves the refining, transformation,processing and blending of the various raw materials.As a matter of fact, it is the preparation process that evolves a product.Otherwise, an unprepared ”product.” is a bunch of mere raw materials.The most precious and valuable products undergo the most intense and rigorous preparation.Ask gold.

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In the same vein, releasing an anthem with our purpose and having the best of divine resources does not land us in our destiny.We said destiny is our GOD predestined and predetermined charted course of life for us.This connotes that there is a demand, expectation, standard, condition to fix squarely into this divine course.This is where preparation, which involves learning, training,mentoring,discipline, come in.It is preparation that chisels, carves, moulds, shapen and smoothen us to fitting perfectly into our destiny track or course.Every man that fulfilled his destiny was perfected through preparation process.The book of books is rich and green with such men; so also the contemporary world.Even Jesus Christ, GOD very incarnate, did not break the divine principle.He discovered HIS purpose at twelve, went through eighteen good years of preparation only to fulfil HIS destiny in just three and a half years.Moses, that great prophet and commander-in-chief of about three million mobile troops at ago,was prepared for forty good years with flocks in the wilderness before he was qualified to lead the spiritual sheep of GOD – HIS very purpose for living.David had practical test with a bear and a lion in the forest to colour his destiny with Goliath.Ask Joseph, he was seventeen when he had a clear vision of purpose.But he was weaned through diverse storms,pit,prison and interpretations (preparation) for thirteen years before he finally interpreted the dream that launched him into his destiny                                             

imageIn conclusion, preparation activates (our potentials) and trains, perfects,generates strength and helps us to successfully berth at our destiny.But alas, it is the most painful and longest course of the journey.Nevertheless, there is no substitute or short cut before  fulfilling destiny.Sure, the prize is worth the price.The benefit is worth the labour.May HIS grace be sufficient for us to successfully complete our inevitable course of preparation.


A man went to a Pastor to confess his sins.The pastor said,”go on.”

The man replied,” I confess I stole your two cars yesterday”

The Pastor said,”you’re forgiven”

The man replied,” I also raped your wife last week.”The pastor screamed,”somebody call the police.”