The Importance Of RecordingTime

Everyone who has been entrusted with the funds of another to take care of will ensure that he keeps accurate accounts as to how each dollar and cents was spent. In this way, whenever the one who entrusted him/her with the funds asks for an account of how his/her resources have been spent, then the steward would be in a position to give a faithful account of the income and expenditures.

Time is even more important than money. One day, every human being that has ever lived will appear before the judgment seat of GOD to give account of how they used all the time that He gave them. Knowing this and the deceitfulness of our hearts, It would be good to start keeping account of how we are using the time given to us. This recording of time as an advantage because it will expose the deceitfulness of our hearts and help us to amend and put things right before the Judge comes.

For example, a man may deceive himself that he is using his time wisely until he records his time it will expose the real situation. At the end of each week or month, there should be a summation of the time spent on the various activities. This will help you to easily ascertain the priority of your life, for it would be that issue to which you invests the most of your time.

I recommend that each person should keep the record of how he is using his or her time. You should consider time that cannot be accounted for as wasted or lost time. Each person should carry a small note book in which you record how your time is being used. You should start now and even if you fail the first time, you should forget the past and start all over.

Loss of time

On the other hand, in using a time planner, there are ways you can lose your time. When you leave your work to attend another person’s work, you have wasted the time allocated to you. Everything done for the wrong motive is a waste of time.

Let me give an illustration. Assuming you were called to help a community to set up a hospital in a local district but on getting there, you decided to go and plant crops on a field in the community. First of all, you have left your assignment unoccupied to be taken by another person who is not eligible for the post.

Secondly, the place of another in the farm you have taken up in the field will force the right person for the post to move into the labors of another and in this way causing so many people to go wrong. It goes without further question that you have wasted time by leaving your appointed work. Proper planning and recording of your time would have averted the situation.

Let me conclude by encouraging you to buy a time planner board or tool for recording your use of time and you have to be faithful regardless of any failures you may encounter in the beginning.