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The InfoTrack Title Search service is a comprehensive and well-rounded search option available online. With the service, you can perform and get comprehensive results from searching stamp and lodging settlements, EDR and OSR, property enquiries, title insurance, pre-purchase enquiries, Telco cable search and body corporate certificates. When you perform a search from Infotrack, you will be just a few clicks away from getting the result of the land search you want.

The key benefit of an Infotrack search is that you can order the title search so that you can verify the particulars of a certain title without any extra charge. You can cross check the details of a vendor with the details of a property before you make an offer and you can save the time that is usually used to prepare a contract in the property strata since the system can recognize a title that is used under a strata plan. An Infotrack search means that you can get the option of getting the names under the property times at once. You will also save time in a search when you can verify up to 50 titles at once in a search.

Learn who owns the property you want!

When you start to use Infotrack for buying property or if you are simply looking to buy land, you will begin to see the worth of this great product. The company provides an unrivalled personal search service, which is growing on a daily basis in order to meet and beat the ongoing changes in the industry and to meet the ever changing nature of people’s needs in an online search environment. National property ownership can be searched and the services available can also be used to verify property which is owned by the companies and/or people across Australia. You can check about the bankruptcy history and gather further information by using the Australian Financial Security Authority (or AFSA) search. This search returns extensive information about bankruptcy searches to confirm information about certain properties.

The Title Search system has a person locator search which you can use in order to know the last address of where a person was, and where he is now. You can also do a bit of digging and find the information if the company that you want to deal with has been involved into the civil litigation in the past, either in the Australian tribunals or Courts, simply by using the National Litigation Search. You will have access to the Personal Property Securities Register or PPSR in order to search for certain personal properties which may not buildings or land.

InfoTrack services are reliable!

The Info Track Title Search has been tried and tested by the experts, and the most important feature is the integration. For many years the competitors of the company tried to emulate the integration formula that Infotrack offers but they were not able to beat the experience, proficiency and the knowledge offered by the company!

When you use the search option of Infotrack’s Title Search, your search time will be greatly reduced because of their super-responsive system and their sophisticated searching tools. You will have access to the speediest search and some of the best returns and insights into the industry. With the integration, you can order all the searches of the property enquiries under one system without the need of using two different systems. The information about the search or property you are looking for will pre-populate and sort within the Infotrack system and will present in an easy to read way. The completed search will return in a matter of just a few minutes, making your life easier and your searches easier too.

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