The Infrared Body Wrap for Weight Loss

The benefits of body wrap heat therapy have been known for sometime. Physical therapists use infrared heat to help relieve the pain from inflammation and muscle damage in the body. Arthritis, stiff muscles, muscle spasms and edema can all be relieved by applying heat in various forms.

Infrared heat therapy works well in cases where vasodilation is required. Vasodilation increases blood flow in the body and especially to the site of restricted flow, such as an injury, bursitis or stiff muscles.

Infrared body wraps are very popular right now—many claim the heat wraps aid in weight loss. There is no real proof of this claim, but there are benefits from an infrared heat application that might aid a weight loss program.

Infrared heat is known to increase blood flow, which in turn delivers nutrients, proteins and oxygen to the area the pad or heat is applied. The idea is that this added assistance to oxygen flow can help the body dump fat and metabolic waste faster.

If you want to try one out without spending too much money upfront, the following information may be helpful.

  • Look for one that fits your physical height and weight. Purchasing one that is not long enough or wide enough to hold you won’t provide an optimal experience.
  • Be prepared to repair the larger tent style body wraps. Although reviews are generally great for these items, users to remark that arm holes and zipped up closures can wear down after repeated use. This might require some repairs such as stitching or taping.
  • A body wrap, as opposed to a tent, may be more effective. Direct application allows the infrared heat to penetrate into the skin and deeper into the body. Without the direct application, you may only receive general benefit in the body and not the deeper penetration.
  • Place a thin cotton cloth between your skin and the wrap until you know what heat setting works for you. Higher settings can get the skin too hot, and possibly do external damage.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully before using the infrared body wrap for weight loss.