The Innate Advantages of Using the AGM Battery

Not all batteries are the same by any means. There exist differences between batteries that truly can make certain brands stand out above the rest. When seeking to incorporate a new brand of batteries to the lineup that you are using, or to replace one brand with another, it’s always helpful to know what benefits such a brand has to offer over the current brand that you are using. A little bit of comparative research does indeed go a long way in ascertaining which brand is the best suited for your mechanical needs. Hopefully this guide can help you better decide whether or not the AGM battery is the way to go for you.

Sealed batteries are safer

These batteries are sealed to prevent the escape of toxic fumes such as hydrogen. Furthermore, they are spill proof and leak resistant. A common problem with batteries is that they can leak over time. The AMG brand actually uses a very safe process called “recombinant’ that allows the hydrogen and oxygen to remix over time, inside of the battery. An internal electrolysis method helps retain water while plates charge the gases in the water while also preventing water loss, to the efficiency of about 99 percent (estimated).

Easier charging makes things simpler

Since many batteries require unique charging stations, it can become a real hassle trying to figure out what batteries require which charging station and for how long. The AMG differs because the voltage is mostly the same for most types of batteries made under this brand name. Unlike other batteries that often require proprietary charging stations, the AMG can be charged using almost any type of charging station, provided that the voltage levels are properly matched. Furthermore, a low discharge rate – estimated to hover between one and three percent per month – allows you to safely store these batteries without worry about discharging impacting effectiveness.

Faster charging and better shock resistance helps make a more powerful and reliable battery. The AGM uses a specially designed plating system that features some of most tightly packaged plates of any battery. This signature plate packing methods helps the battery resist shock better and also enables a quicker charging time. Some AGM models actually have been tested as charging anywhere from three to five times more quickly than standard batteries.

Designed originally for the armed forces, which require a long lasting and rugged battery that can withstand demanding environments, the AMG has crossed over to the public sector in recent years. One of the key aspects of their initial designed centered upon the aspect of creating a longer lasting battery that would be ideal when used in machines of war, like armored troop transport units, hummers, jeeps and other types of commonly used military vehicles during wartime. Today, these batteries are now available to consumers for use in personal, commercial and recreational vehicles. While there is no question that they cost more to the consumer than the standard battery will, it’s easy to understand why they do when you are aware of the array of benefits that they have to offer.