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The Inside Story– Revolutionizing Technologies Coming in 2015

2014 delivered outstanding technology that one couldn’t have imagined! Though we don’t have any magical glass or crystal ball, developing trends in the year are quite enough to predict tech-revolution in 2015. Innovative gadgets, upgrades and ideas will definitely improve your life in times to come. We’ve seen dozens of wearable devices and internet-integrated appliances like iKettle and Nest Protect. Seeds sown are ready to be harvested in upcoming year.

Though you mightn’t get truly smart home or a shatterproof phone, here’s an insight of expected trends.

1. Computing Goes Viral
With advancement of smartphone technology, such devices are likely to be used in broader environment and context. iOS, Android and Windows developers are always competing their level best to overcome each other so expect excellence. Wearable aside, smartphones will also offer integrated screens in public and workplace keeping user experience as a key.

2. Rise of Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT is already big and it’ll continue ascending alongside user-oriented experience. Internet of Things will be the primary focus of digital business products, industrial processes and operational contexts. Expect technology pervading everywhere!

3. 3D Printing is the Hype
It’s not something new but 3D printing is going to get a lot economical. Although 4K is something far more advance than 3D, market will continue to rise over the next few years. Implementation is expected radically in biomedical, industrial and consumer applications helping business entities to reduce costs.

4. Analytics – Advance, Invisible & More Pervasive
Analytics will also expand driven by Internet of Things, thus creating a large pool of data. Every app is likely to be an analytic based while testing and implementation have already started. Focus mustn’t only be on Big Data but bigger questions and answers should be considered.

5. Context-Rich System – A New Face of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already help transformed computer system more self-aware and more revolutionizing facts are yet to come! Thanks to embedded analytics and intelligence, systems are and will become more alert plus responsive to surrounding. This context-aware security is more identical to Skynet; the menacing defence program in movie Terminator however it won’t be something that devastating.

6. Intelligent Machines
Robotic industry is contributing a lot towards emerging technology. The combination of analytics and context will surely pave way for smart/intelligent machines. This technology has capability of self-learning and to act correspondingly, much like a human being. For humans, this smart machine era is going to be most stirring as how would it feel working with a robotic colleague!

7. The Cloud/Client Design
Cloud computing has outgrown during the last few years and success graph is ever rising with advancement of mobile technology. Centrally coordinated applications can be easily delivered to any corresponding device, bridging the gap between work and social environment. Smart and storage effective applications will see lower bandwidth price whereas they’ll be used on multiple devices at a time, talk about easy managed hosting!

8. Software Based Infrastructure & Applications
Software-defined storage, data centres, networking and security have improved manifold. Thanks to rich APIs, cloud-based programs are more configurable. Computing is showing a tendency to shift from static models and deal with ever changing demands of digital businesses.

9. More Social/Web-Scale IT
Growing trend of social media provoked companies to think more like Google, Amazon and Facebook! Ever since software-defined and cloud-based tactics became mainstream, IT industries are getting more social/web-scale; take DevOps for instance.

10. Self-Defence & Risk-Based Security
100 percent security solutions aren’t feasible but more robust risk evaluation and mitigation is bound to be implemented in upcoming years. Security will deviate from perimeter to multi-faceted defensive approach. As cyber crimes are increasing, so does practical means to counter them.

11. The World of 4K is here!
4K technology is already out but it’s definitely going to get viral whereas 65 or higher inches ultra HD televisions will replace older models. This 4K (Ultra HD) technology is four times the resolution of standard HD. Technology isn’t that old but cost of such televisions has fallen dramatically since such videos are also available online. Keep an eye out for “quantum dot” technology, a more advance version!

12. Revival of Windows
The news Windows 10 put an end to the dilemma about Windows 8 to be the final version. You didn’t skipped number 9 but we just jumped over it! Operating System will e compatible to traditional keyboard and mouse plus touch screen but it enhance user capability to toggle devices. The most appreciated Star menu is modified while allow multitasking thanks to numerous virtual desktops.

Windows 10 haven’t yet released as we’re talking about techs of 2015, rumours are that it’ll debut later in the year. Newer PCs are also bound to release so you better start saving today for faster processor. Easy upgrading options will be given to users of Windows 7 and 8 so if you don’t want to buy, simply download and upgrade.

Surely, 2015 brings us a promise of more advance, user-friendly and compatible technology that’ll revolutionize IT industries in numerous ways.

Author Bio:
This post is written by Stacey White who works in eHDF managed services department and loves writing on tech topics.

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