The insurance comparator for now focuses on US vehicles and

The insurance comparator for now focuses on US vehicles and

The world of the comparators is one of those to whom we do not give much interest until we really need to save some money on issues such as insurance, connections or any product you pay monthly and combined, can get out really profitable.

Competition is fierce and many comparator countries of all types have been sold at larger groups. Now Google wants to get into this world starting by comparing auto insurance in the US

The new system compares car insurance in California with 14 of the largest insurers. It is now a matter of where you live and what kind of car you have the type of insurance you can get.

Google gets directly into one of the businesses on the rise in recent years on the Internet. And they specialize in exactly that, get in the middle of a fairly used business and use their brand strength and results for another market that is giving a lot more money.

Travel and insurance results
Google acquired in 2010 ITA Software, the leader in managing purchases airline tickets online. Google became the controlling company will mediate between airlines and comparators.

We have recently seen as Google begins to show in their results many answers to typical questions, such as sports scores or currency changes. This type of results is carried viewing since 2012 when it introduced Knowledge Graph.

Now the new challenge for Google is to get right in between the comparators insurance, starting with vehicles where there is always an open price war and especially among the comparators that have a special war to offer the lowest prices.

Not much to companies product comparisons can do to prevent Google will do with this market. They have the money, have the dominant position and have the maneuverability to be the largest.

Arriving to compare other products such as telephone, electricity or safe is a matter of time.