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The Intrinsic Benefits of the Virtual Call Center

A virtual call center is quickly becoming the backbone of the telemarketing industry – not to mention the call center, contact center and back office industries – for a number of plausible reasons. Simply stated: the call center industry is a massive one. The WEFA Group for the Direct Marketing Association ran a study back in 1997 that ascertained that telemarketing alone generated more than $280 billion in annual revenue in the United States for that year. Imagine what that number is today, even in light of the internet dominating how people interact or conduct business. Contact centers are faced with an uncanny overhead that would leave most business managers pulling their hair out. Newer solutions, however, aim to ease up on that outrageous cost by reducing it with signature technologies like the virtually hosted call center. Keep reading to find out how these technologies are making this industry more affordable, feasible and sustainable than ever before.

Cloud Hosted
The invention of cloud hosting has changed everything. That’s because entities no longer need to host their own software on their own computers. Since cloud based options can be offered, software providers minimize the risk of piracy, which allows them to offer their software for cheaper because they host it. These savings are then passed directly onto the businesses buying the software, drastically reducing the overhead cost of using it. With a call center, the software can now be hosted remotely at a much more affordable price to the business in need of it.

Remote Agents
No longer do your agents need to be situated in one regional call center. Instead of paying overhead on a building, insuring it, paying the utilities and offering a number of other employee perks, with a virtual system the employees can telecommute instead. They can also work from various regions in the world, like from India, where the cost of labor is far less than it is in the domestic United States.

virtual call center

Quality Assurance Addressed
With call recording technologies in place, the call center managers can still record and review calls for quality assurance purposes. Whether you have an agent slacking off in the Philippines that needs to be disciplined or whether you want to make a training guide from the expertise of an agent that’s based in India, the call recording options enable this to occur in a streamlined and seamless manner.

Businesses need not spend thousands of dollars upgrading their phone systems just because they are using newer software. Instead, the virtual call center is designed to make it easy and affordable to integrate because it’s made to be compatible with virtually every phone system made over the past ten years, helping to further reduce overhead cost and initial investment.

Virtual call center

Disaster Recovery Model
Since the call center is hosted via the cloud, a disaster recovery model is already in place. No data is compromised in the event of a disaster because the data is not hosted onsite. This enables call centers to more easily and affordably conform to prevailing industry standards and practices while also further reducing operational cost and overhead.

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