The iRobot Scooba 385 Floor Washing Robot Reviewed

Is the iRobot Scooba 385 floor washing robot worth your hard-earned money? Retailing at $400, this automated washer and scrubber can remove dirt, dust, grime and small objects from your floor while you’re away or sleeping, but some customers have complained that it cannot adequately handle corners. Unlike previous generations of automated vacuum cleaners, the Scooba 385 is capable of getting rid of household bacteria it encounters on the floor, making your home a more sanitary environment before you even return from work!

The automated floor washing robot scooba three eighty five

This 12 pound auto house cleaning robot will run on its own and use built-in sensors to determine the best way to path around obsctacles like furniture, sleeping pets and storage boxes. It has an on-board tank you can fill-up with washing solution that it will apply to the floor after it wipes it down, so this irobot delivers a one-two cleaning punch to remove dirt and then disinfect and squeegie your floors as well.

How much floor can this auto floor washing robot clean anyway? With one tank full, it is capable of washing 430 sq feet before it needs to be refilled. Perhaps the biggest draw for people considering whether or not to buy an irobot floor washer is that it totally automates a process that most of us would like to avoid. Mopping your floors is no fun, so at a very primal level it makes sense to allow a robot to do it.

Some people claim it is not yet advanced enough to navigate their living spaces correctly, but the irobot roooma 385 is actually so advanced that it knows what is hardwood or linoleum flooring and what is carpet. When it comes across one of your favorite rugs, it will turn away rather than blast it with soapy water! If you hate mopping and washing your own floors, the irobot scooba 385 is a sound investment in your lower back health!