The JLo Effect: Does She Have the Midas Touch?

She’s successful. She’s beautiful. She’s influential. She’s Jennifer Lopez, or more adoringly called JLo by her fans. At 43, she’s conquered the world. She acts in movies, sings and dances, and was a high-paying judge on America’s number one reality talent search. Seriously, what can’t Jennifer Lopez do?

But as much as I want to talk about this enormous star’s talent, this article is not about that. Instead, I’d like to touch on JLo’s influence because it seems to me that she has the Midas touch. Nope, she can’t turn things into gold, but everything she does paves the way to something greater and better. Let me present two scenarios.

The first one is the perfume industry. It wasn’t Jennifer Lopez who started the trend of celebrities promoting a perfume line. As a matter of fact, Elizabeth Taylor launched White Diamonds in 1991, and after more than 20 years, it’s still one of the best-selling celebrity fragrances. However, it was JLo who revived this trend when she released “Glow by JLo.” The perfume was a massive hit, which prompted other celebrities to have their fragrance line, too. Britney Spears released “Curious” and according to reports, it has sold over one billion bottles since its release.

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Then came her American Idol gig where she was reportedly paid a whopping $12 million to sit on the show’s judging panel. Though she wasn’t able to revive the show’s ailing ratings, Jennifer Lopez did manage to attract other shows to bank on mega-celebrities. Cases in point: Britney Spears was paid $15 million to be one of the judges on X Factor; Mariah Carey got an $18 million paycheck to replace JLo as a judge on American Idol; and Shakira was said to have been paid $12 million to be on The Voice.

Aside from that, let’s not forget that Jennifer Lopez is also an accomplished singer-performer. Mariah may be known to collaborate with other rap artists in the past, but let’s face it, most of Mariah’s collaboration were remixes. And when it was JLo’s turn, her collaborations paved the way for more artists doing collaborations. Remember Ja Rule?

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What do you think? Does JLo have the Midas touch?