The Key to Home Maintenance For Your First Home

Do you know the keys to home maintenance for your first home? Knowing and following these keys in your first home can save and even make you a lot of money over time. Sure, you need to do the typical daily cleaning chores like sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, but there’s a lot more home maintenance you need to do that’s not typical daily home repair. There’s upkeep like painting, carpet cleaning, replacing flooring, heat pump maintenance, and the like that takes lots of time and money. But if these things are done on a regular basis, they can make your home a great place to live and could help increase your homes value. So it’s clear that it takes a lot of money to take care of your home. That’s why having a home repair savings account is a big key to maintaining your first home. Home maintenance includes taking care of the inside and outside of your home but this article will only deal with the keys to taking care of the inside of your first home.


Having a Maintenance Fund

Having a savings account puts you in position to pay cash for anything that goes wrong with the equipment or appliances in your place. If you have to pay for repairs to plumbing or for appliance parts, that can burn through money fast so save some money every payday be ready for or whatever you need to get fixed . Having a home maintenance stash helps get the job done without busting your budget. If you have to pay for home maintenance and repairs out of your regular budget, you might not have enough money and have to put things on hold. But by saving money you can get things taken care of quickly and keep your place looking and working great.


Learn How to Maintain Your Home

You wouldn’’t believe how much home and car maintenance I learned from YouTube videos. I learned how to do everything from plumbing to flooring with the help of YouTube. You save money and have a greet feeling of satisfaction when you pull off a home maintenance project done with your own two hands. I actually ended up making a YouTube Video about how I replace our refrigerator icemaker motor (see the video here). You can use YouTube to learn how to take care of your place too.


It’s Tool Time

After you watch some YouTube videos and get brave enough tot tackle a home project you’re going to need some tools. That’s when you need to head out to your local hardware store to buy some tools to work with (Here’s a list of some of the best hardware stores). Most hardware stores have prepackaged beginner tool kits that you can buy cheap. You can add to that as your handyman or handywoman skills increase.


Have A Home Repair Schedule

Another key to home maintenance for your first home is having a plan to do big jobs like painting and redoing flooring and stick to the plan. Painting and redoing floors are big-ticket items that also take a lot of time. But your dryer and garbage disposal have no respect for your painting or flooring plans. Either or both of them could quit working during one of your big projects. God forbid this should happen to you but you can still get it all done if you save money and schedule your work.


Home Warranty Insurance for Your Stuff

Okay, so you don’’t know which end of a hammer to hold or maybe you’re too busy with work and career to deal with home maintenance projects. There’s another way for you to manage home maintenance for your house. You can buy a home warranty that will pay some of the cost of repairs to appliances, plumbing and more. Home warranties coverage may differ from company to company. But they take care of sending out a repair person to repair or replace whatever is broken. Like I said before, your home warranty could pay some or the entire price of the repair or replacement. At any rate, you won’t have to pay the total cost to repair or replace whatever is broken.


Home Maintenance Boosts Home Value

But the biggest key to home maintenance for your first home is to understand how maintaining your home affects your homes value. This is another reason why some people think home warranties are a good idea. There are a lot of variables that determine how much your house will increase in value including home maintenance. Taking care of your place could help you sell your house for a lot more than you paid for it making money on the sale.



Sometime people refer to houses as money pits because they’re expensive to buy and to maintain. But having a home maintenance fund will take the sting out of the cost of maintaining your home. Don’t forget to add a tool chest to your war chest. If you stay on top of the work, you can keep repairs from snowballing. But in the end, following these keys to home maintenance for your first home could have you saying there’s no place like home.