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The Keyword Research Concept in SEO

Keyword research is one of the most valuable aspects in search engine optimization. If you want to rank high in the search engine, the quality of the keywords that you use for marketing your website is very essential. Not everyone understands the value of keyword research but it is one aspect where your SEO campaign should focus on. Using the proper ways of keyword research will help you find the right visitors for your website. The keywords or phrases that you use for SEO will direct interested online users to your site whose searches are relevant to your business. The value of keyword research is emphasized in all SEO campaigns because it can give marketers the ability to adapt to the market changes, product and service demands and content that website users search for information.

Doing your keyword research right

The main approach in the keyword research is to find keywords that have more number of searches from the search engine with the lowest number of competition. Long tail keywords are preferred because they are known to convert better. Using one to two keyword phrases can give you more traffic but of a lower quality while long tail keyword phrases consisting of three to four words will give you less traffic but of higher quality. The implication of this kind of keyword research is about driving quality traffic to your website that is more targeted in making a better conversion. Using three to four keyword phrases will give you a better conversion because the search of web users is more specific.

Using keyword research tools

Using keyword research tools is important especially when you need to run an analysis regarding the keyword competition and the number of searches of your target keywords online. The most popular free tool that is widely used for keyword research is the Google Keyword Tool which is most useful when searching for multiple phrases and provides you results with indicators on market competition, the estimated search volume including the search trend result. The Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool allows you to key in your target keyword phrase and it will provide numerous suggested related keywords. Keyword Discovery is a paid keyword research tool that is very powerful because of its ability to compile the most accurate keyword search made from 180 search engines. There is a need to diversify your keyword research tool sources however in order to make your keyword more relevant to various searches made globally.

Steps in doing your keyword research

Your keyword research should follow important steps in order to do it right. List down the relevant keywords to your niche which you believe people will be searching from your site. If you are stumped with an idea, visit your competitor’s website and view the meta keywords they are using. List them down and use a research keyword tool in order to run for better suggested and related keywords that come with more number of search and low number of competition. Export the result in an excel file in order for you to analyze the most ideal keyword to use for SEO. Sort out the result with the highest monthly traffic volume and check it against the number of competition, keeping in mind to look for the keyword that comes with long tail phrase, with high monthly search volume and low competition result.

Doing your keyword research right will essentially boost your SEO campaign in helping drive quality traffic to your site. With the use of the keyword research tools, you can optimize results in finding the most appropriate and targeted keywords that will help your website rank better in the search engine.

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