The Knoji Scam

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Psychologists can explain why people who are warned will disobey if they get the slightest encouragement. Hence when Mike Quac decided to launch his Knoji scam, he had no difficulty incorporating those who had been ripped off by Factoidz (the previous version).

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For those who missed the infamous Factoidz, do a Google of Factoidz+scam or Factoidz+Ponzi or Factoidz+rip off and you’ll get all the facts.

What you will probably find so remarkable is the hundreds of warnings that were out as early as 2010, yet people still joined, and were still ripped off.

What you might find even more interesting is how those who tried to alert others of the danger of being ripped off were discredited.

Factoidz, and now Knoji, has a stable of persons who are virtually hired to go to every writing site that is available and do daily Googles to learn if anyone anywhere has written anything unfavourable to Knoji. At the second this is discovered, the Shill, if he is a member of that writing site begins to attack, in his own name and in that of ‘guests’ , if he is not a member he will either join, if that is what it takes to attack or log in as a guest.

The attack is always; ‘The reason you are bad mouthing Knoji is because you were kicked off for breaking the Rules!‘ (This was the usual Factoidz attack).

Reading this, your first thought would be , how would this writer know who broke the rules and who didnt? Do they have Public announcements on that site? Sending email about the activites of each other? Does the owner share his decisions with the members? This is ridiculous.

Sad to say but this is not the first thought from those who joined and were later ripped off by Knoji. For they fell into the group; ‘It can’t happen to Me!’

As Quac knows the stupidity of the public, his Knoji scam was without frills. One would join get a writing bonus of about $1.00 for each article they submitted. This was, after the first month, dropped to 50c, without explanation or warning. A number of people, (very few) stopped writing at that moment.

The majority continued and their ‘pay’ was dropped to 25c. Those who complained were locked out of the site. . Others continued to write at 25c until this was dropped to 10c. Those who complained were locked out of the site.

The fact that Knoji began in March, amid thousands of warnings, it doubled it’s hits within in one month. By the second month it fell back to its start level and continues to decline.

As any scam, the person who joins begins with the premise, ‘It can’t happen to me.’ Until it does.

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The Knoji Scam, Seekyt
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