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Please bear with me as i try to establish whether Dr Salman Rushdie was right. is the Koran given by inspiration of the Angel Gabriel to a man from Medina, Arabia or is just a hoax or elaborate scheme of Satan whereby he maneged to deceive Mohammed. I don’t mean to be insulting towards the muslims, but Satan knows His time is short and wants as many souls as possible. What is the reason Mohammed is referred to as a prophet? What is his claim to fame? Substantiate? Is there any prooF for the Koran as the Last Testament?

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Jesus came as the Son of God and the Promised Messiah born to the House of David. Salvation is from the Jews. He came in fulfilmen of the Word of God. He is the word of God. Everything He did and said was in fulfilment of prophesy. He warned against false prophets creeping in and deceiving many of the believers. Preaching any message/gospel other than the one preached by Him-they are not to be trusted and to be regarded as False. The bible together with Revelations is indeed the last testament. This has to be preached throughou the world before the end comes.

So wheRe does thE koRan fit in? Should we regard IT as a hoax and should it be banned? Much of the Old Testament is found in the Koran and then some good words from the Mohammed. But is it enough to qualify Islam as a world religion or the Koran as a Message from God. Who is fooling who? At the moment the biggest threat to global peace is fanatical muslims. Therefore should this Book be banned? Does it have any credibility whatsoever? is it part o the Anti-Christ? There is no love lost between Bible followers and Koranic believers.

They have been at loggerheads for centuries and in the times ahead. Jihad is imminent. If the koran was from God then why is it able to incite the follower to violence? Violence against what and whom? Who is the infidel? Mohammed or Non Muslims? Why such hostility in a book claimed to be of Heavenly Origin and given by Divine Inspirarion?

Can you see so much doubt and so many things ring untrue.

Thanks …

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