The Latest on Metro Ethernet Pricing

The new metro Ethernet pricing is expected to be more affordable for the speeds it provides. Customers can expect connections up to 10-Gigabit speeds in more than 20 different cities in the United States. The plans typically range from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Customers can purchase the connection speeds that best meet their needs. Here are some other benefits of new metro Ethernet pricing.

1. New Technology Enables Lower Prices

Lower per-megabit prices are possible because of the new technology that’s being introduced. The same type of technology that is used in local area networks (LANS) and service-provider networks is what is helping to lower prices in major enterprises. The same network used for cellular backhaul customers is also used for metro Ethernet. Many service providers are switching to metro Ethernet to remain competitive and meet the pricing needs of their customers.

2. Caters to Small to Medium Enterprises

Currently, most companies are targeting enterprises of 20 to 500 employees for metro Ethernet services. Telecommunications companies are finding that they can become more profitable by focusing on another group of individuals outside of the large companies that they usually cater to.

3. What to Expect From Metro Ethernet Service

Metro Ethernet service will come with a variety of service level guarantees and at least 99.99 percent availability. The service can be boosted in 10 Mbps increments, which is nice for business owners who are not sure what they need to accommodate their business needs.

4. Multiple Set-Up Options

Depending on the service provider, metro Ethernet can be set up in a variety of ways including: point-to-point links between two company sites, multi-point to multi-point connections among multiple company facilities, and point-to-multi-point connections between a single central location and multiple branch sites. There is also Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access Service, which features continuous high-speed connectivity between the company’s LAN and the Internet.

The Latest on Metro Ethernet Pricing

Metro Ethernet pricing seems to be working in favor of consumers in many different markets including Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San Francisco. You have to determine which service providers offer the service and where. Then, you’ll be able to find the pricing that you need to get your business up and running. Most businesses will appreciate the new pricing structure because it will leave more capital that can be reinvested back into the product or service. Contact your service provider to learn more about metro Ethernet pricing. Visit at go-c3 for more info.