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The Life of Leonhard Euler Born April 15, 1707 Mathematician and Physicist

Today is the birthday of Leonhard Euler who was born way back in 1707 and passed away September 18, 1783. Leonhard Euler was a mathematician and physicist who regardless of how busy he was with his career had time to have 13 children while publishing well over 800 papers during his lifetime. Leonhard Euler actually lost his eyesight in his right eye during 1735 and sadly lost the sight in his left eye in 1766, but that didn’t stop him from publishing his papers of his results by way of dictation.

Leonhard proudly accepted the Paris Academy Prize at least 12 times giving credit to others where credit was due. Euler was once asked how he could publish such large amounts of papers on his findings and some theoretical possibilities he just replied that his writing pencil appeared to surpass his own intelligence and was doing most of the work. No matter how intelligent and serious Leonhard was he always had time for a sense of humour.

Leonhard Euler was born April 15th 1707 in Basil Switzerland to a pastor (his father) of the reformed church. His mother was a pastor’s daughter. Leonhard had two siblings Anna and Maria. Euler received his masters of philosophy at the extremely young age of 17 years old. His masters of philosophy compared the philosophies of both Descartes and Newton.


The Swiss mathematician is probably the most prolific and successful of all mathematicians in the history of mathematics. Leonhard’s seminal work had a seriously profound effect on many of the different areas of mathematics. Euler is credited with introducing modern notation and the terminology associated especially in the analysis areas.

Highly regarded and successful in applying analytic methods to the real world’s problems was Leonhard’s forte.

Sadly on September 18th of 1783 shortly after enjoying lunch with his family Leonhard suffered a brain hemorrhage passing away a short time afterwards. Leonhard Euler was buried in the Smolensk Lutheran Cemetery on Vasilievsky Island next to his first wife Katharina who passed away in 1773 after 40 years of marriage to Euler. Three years after Katharina passed away Leonhard married her half-sister Salome. In 1956 Euler’s headstone and remains were relocated to the 18th century necropolis in the Alexander Nevsky Monastery where he remains today.

Today April 15 Google is celebrating Leonhard Euler’s life by having a Google Doodle on Google’s main search engine page.

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