The life you were born to live

Life is a great gift given us by God, we have all been well furnished with everything we could ever need to live a fulfilled life here on earth. every human being has been blessed by God with tremendous abilities and potential to positvily impart and transform their sphere of influence. The problem with many people, is that they tend looking outside of themselves for solutions to their problems and challenges. The real solution is inside, if only you could look inward inside yourself and realize you are a being of influence and amazing possibilities, you could achieve amazing things in life when you take your focus off other people and re-direct that focus inward. learn to see only those things you want manifested in your life.

what we fail to understand often time is that we got just one chance to live this great life we have been blessed with by God, it’s our responsibily to make this life a paradise it was intended to be, a life of splendour and glory, full of joy,laughter and happiness. The only thing blocking your happiness is you, you belief about what is possible and acceptable, until you learn to live from your heart you may never be able to fully manifest the unique person who were created and fashioned to be, taking full advantage of the power that is locked inside your being. Where you are presently is due to what you have accepted as normal, the circumstances you have allowed to continue and the thoughts you have endorsed as the foundation and basis of your existence. I know most of us have been told certain lies as we grew up that few things are possible in this life, but i have found that to be a big lie told us by other people who may have lived thier lives in frustration not knowing where to go or what to do concerning the kind of life they dreamed possible when they were much younger and full of energy.

In conclusion, the best thing anyone can do to live the life they were born to live is to get the basic understanding of life and why they are breathing, after which the issue of ‘self’ comes in, that means getting a full control of your faculties and abilities.