The Love for the Kitchen

Working in a professional kitchen, you must love to cook. There are two types of people that work in a kitchen, one who needs a job and will do anything, and the one who love’s to cook. The one who needs the job will only do enough to get by, he’s limited on what he’s wants to learn, this is not his most joyful place to be. Just getting by is as far as it go’s, any thing more he hides. Being the storeroom,bathroom, or just out of sight, places where the chef can’t find him. Understand this the chef knows who this person is in his crew. This person stands out, the reason he has not been replaced is he does serve some purpose, replacing someone is no easy task no matter how bad he is. There is a place you can use him, he can take up the slack. Now this person is not bad it’s just he does not catch on to whats happening, he thinks slow and moves slow this is the type of person he is. Now the cook who loves what he is doing is all over the place, doing everything he can get his hands on. Sometimes he does to much this is good, you just have to control him. Now this is the person who loves the kitchen, he would live here if he could, this person will make a great chef someday or have his own restaurant. You have to love the kitchen to get through the long hours and heat, this is your passion. Wanting to make new recipes that have great flavor, always trying different styles of cooking, finding new tastes, you are at your hearts content, you have always wanted to be in this position.

Having your own place would be a dream come true, bossing around your own crew. Feeding hundreds of people daily, being it a breakfast house or dinner house, it would not matter, myself I would want a breakfast house. Of the 20 years I spent in 20 some restaurants of all kinds french, BBQ, dinner house, breakfast I found it to be more fun to work in. Fast pace quick thinking, feeding hundreds of people, can get to be real fun, It was a challenge to see how fast you could feed people. One thing for sure you were never cold or hungry,always a warm place to be on a cold and rainy day, and having all of the food in the world to eat. Of course we maintained our hunger, and not pig out. I have to admit this is one of the great love’s working in a kitchen.