The ‘Magic’ Of eReader: Cool Things You Can Do With It

The eReader is a helpful device that’s gaining more and more popularity nowadays. The ‘magic’ of the eReader is that you can ‘carry’ many books in the palm of your hand in an instant from almost anywhere. The following are just some of the cool things you can do with an eReader.

  • Hold A Library ‘Virtually’ In Your Hand – You’re sitting on a beach, ready to read the biography of a great historical figure, but partway through, you decide you’d rather read that action novel you picked up the other day. Normally, you’d have to lug a suitcase through the sand to have that kind of variety, but with an eReader, you have a digital bookcase at your disposal.
  • Share A Book With A Friend – Frequent readers are used to having friends ask them for book recommendations and may occasionally lend a copy. With some eReaders, you can lend a book to a friend for a period of time, during which you won’t have access to it on your own device. But you don’t have to worry about your friend forgetting they borrowed it, because the book is automatically returned when the lending period is up.
  • Surf The Web At A Coffee Shop – You’re reading your eReader and drinking your coffee when you realize you forgot your tablet at home, but you need to check something online. Some eReaders have internet browsers that you can use with Wi-Fi or 3G, so you won’t miss an email when you’re away from your other devices.
  • Get The Newspaper Or Magazine Without Opening The Front Door – If your morning routine consists of walking outside and searching the bushes for your morning paper, consider the fact that publishers can send newspapers/magazines to your eReader wirelessly. Just subscribe to a newspaper or magazine of your choice.
  • Instantly Look Up For Meaning of Words – Fully comprehending a book for difficult words is a challenge. Some eReaders have built-in dictionaries, so you can look up for meaning of words you find hard to understand.
  • Download A Book Just About Anywhere – If your eReader has 3G mobile broadband and/or Wi-Fi connectivity, you can download an eBook from just about anywhere.

The following are some of the best eReaders:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD
  • Amazon Kindle Touch
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Amazon Kindle DX
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Color
  • BeBook Neo
  • Kobo Wireless eReader
  • Sony eReader

There you have it, folks. If you find this article interesting and helpful, please feel free to share it among your family and friends. I’m sure they’ll thank you for it. Enjoy!